Yay, Vincent

There are times when I have tons of things to write about … and times when I’m too exhausted to think because I stayed up all night boo-hooing at Lost and eating holiday-worthy amounts of locally-grown fruits and veggies and cows:

Say what you will about the Lost finale, but WHEW I’m glad we got one last “Chah-lee.” “Cleh.” out of it. I love me some Chahlee and Cleh.

I’ve watched Lost with Jen and Ron for the last 6 years and I’m going to miss it so much – not just the show, but seeing my Lost Club ever week. I love you, Lost Club! As I told Jen last night, “I’ll see you in a couple of years. In Heaven.”

So what did you guys think about the finale? (And please don’t tell me you hated how they were dead the whole time, because you’d be wrong.)


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