The Year Without – Update #5

I’ve been bad about keeping up with this, but then again, I was bad about keeping up with April and May in general. Here’s the thing: if my month-long goal is to quit one thing completely or make sure to do one thing completely, then I have no problem. There is nothing difficult about giving up or doing one single thing a month; it sucks the first 3 days and then you’re fine, no matter what it is (unless it’s like, heroin or The Pill).

But doing things sometimes? Is hard. There was no way I could spend an hour or less online every single day (not entirely true, but the hour will run over once you get sucked into obsessively YouTube-ing your new favorite band or whatever). There was absolutely no way I could go the entire month without saying “Me” or “I”, so I gave myself leeway and eventually stopped trying.*

But no Facebook? I can do. In fact, thank God, because I have been so productive today and I probably would have spent the whole day playing Tetris Friends or some shit. Don’t get me wrong, I miss “catching up” with my friends and I really want to post my Ren Fair pictures on there, but otherwise, I’m grateful that I chose this month for my Facebook ban (and apparently there’s a “Boycott Facebook Day” coming up or something? I want to go back in time to January and high five myself for timeliness).

*Since I’m moving this month (and then again in October) and spending all summer cleaning my parents’ basement and yard, I have the feeling I won’t have anything left to do when my October Without Clutter rolls around. So maybe I’ll just pick one word – I’m thinking “I” for reasons that this sentence should make obvious – and try as hard as humanely possible to avoid saying or writing it (except maybe around Justin because that could make living with me annoying).

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