Ren Fair

I already gave my fully-accurate review of Ren Fair, but I have all these pictures I want to post and nowhere to post them, so here you go – a Ye Olde Picture Payges:

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The first thing that suprised me about the Ren Fair (besides the boobs) was all the animals running around. WHAT. There was a big petting zoo, dog adoption and CAMEL RIDES. A lot of Ren Fair folk were impressed by Justin’s stereo camera, but the camel wrangler was especially wowed and they had a conversation about it over like, three camel laps.

The other surprises? People dress up their dogs. I wasn’t expecting pirates (especially ones that own a st”ARRbucks”), but Bonus got a sweet Blackbeard flag for his float trip (“Time kills love.” Also unexpected? Gyros! High Five!

All in all, the Ren Fair was beyond sweet. I’m really grateful for the free tickets we scored from Jen’s parents. Justin completely geeked out, I had a ball, my friends all seemed like they had fun, and we will definitely be back next year – with extra cash for a camel ride.


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2 responses to “Ren Fair

  1. Jen

    It was a good day. Thanks for coming along. Side note – while I hope you are enjoying your well earned vacation, I miss work emailing.

  2. SecretlyStephie

    Aw, I miss it too!!

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