In The Corner, Next To The Catnip

My friends have babies on the brain.

Not all my friends.* But the main crew. You know, the ones who were all couples when I was single? And then decided to all get married when I finally caught up with a boyfriend? And now they be talkin’ baby plans? Dang, y’all! I just got my friends back! It is so hard being cool!

I will probably go through another phase where I don’t have anything to talk to them about. It got so bad with the couples phase – I can only listen to you people compare spooning techniques so much** – that I abandoned them for Squids, and ironically found a boyfriend. (Much more rewarding than the time I abandoned a group of friends because they discovered cocaine, and just played Tetris in my basement all summer.)

While I was sad during the single life, and envious of bridal shower presents, I doubt the jealousy will kick in when I’m watching them with babies. Because babies are hard, and you have to want it bad. And maybe I’ll want it someday, but currently I’m just really excited that I have a buddy to travel with and explore the city and sleep in together and stuff.

For now, Justin and I are sticking with Matilda and Oliver:

Chauncy adores these babies and actually nuzzles with them; we’ve decided that he’s sort of like Nanny from Peter Pan.

*Though, Erin loves it when you joke that her summer flu is morning sickness. Loves it.

**By now I should really have a Jen and Ron Exemption disclaimer prepared to cut and paste into rants like this.


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