The Year Without – Update #6

Now that June is wrapping up (well, halfway through…. I miss Facebook) I’ve started thinking about next month’s goal. And I realize that I did a dumb thing by choosing all of my goals in January. A year can throw a lot at you. Hell, 6 months can change your life, too. When I decided todo The Year Without, I had no idea that I would be moving back home for four months. I also didn’t anticipate that I’d achieve a lot of the goals before I got to that month. Some are now unnecessary, and some would be less challenging and more torture.

So from now on, The Year Without goals will be announced on the first day of the month. I realize this isn’t as impressive as declaring them in January and doing it all, but I can’t, and here’s why:

Old Goal: July w/o Procrastination

This will be the busiest month of my work, so this shouldn’t be a problem. But I also have a few other projects in the works – screenplays, collabs with NPR pals, etc., that I’ve been putting on hold. July will be the month I finish it all. I’ll probably be inside hiding from heat with air conditioning so it will be easier than I think.

Why It’s Changing:

I’ve been procrastinating from cleaning the basement and clearing out my parents’ yard for over two decades. So technically, even attempting this means my goal is set. But I really meant writing projects, and there’s simply no time for this right now. This month will still happen, it’s just TBA. Yes, I am procrastinating on doing my No Procrastination month.

Old Goal: August w/o Instant Food

Janet has inspired me to start cooking more. This is something I’ve already begun, but this month I’m going to cook every meal, unless there’s a special occasion where I have to go out to eat. Hopefully by then I’ll be an old pro at this.

Why It’s Changing

Because, although my mother is a saint above all saints, we still have a traditional mother-daughter relationship. And if I spend all month in the kitchen with my mother peering over my shoulder, one of us is getting stabbed. Not necessarily her. Eventually Justin and I will need to work on merging our mealtimes and shopping lists, so this could be a cool way to do it. TBA.

Old Goal: September w/o Waste

Actively recycling everything I possibly can, eating all my produce before it goes bad, buying products with more environmentally-conscious packaging in mind (like bars of soap instead of bottles of shower gel). Also no wasting money – coupons, sacrifices, etc. Becoming VERY aware of what I purchase in general – do I really need this? This leads into the next month…

Why It’s Changing:

I may still want to attempt this, but let’s be real – by this time, I will be knee-deep in useless basement garbage and might not have the patience to sort it out and drive to various recycling centers or Leftovers Etc. There is just something satisfying about chucking a broken TV and other crap in the garbage and having a clean table with 10 seconds of work. (There are currently 3 broken TVs in the basement if you want to try it, along with 2 computer monitors.*) I may be an evil planet-killer, but I’m not going to be a liar. So, we’ll see.

Old Goal: October w/o Clutter

I’ll probably be moving at this point, into a situation with a worse (albeit cuter) pack rat than me. There is no better time to weed through your crap than when you’re faced with the thought of carrying it all at once to a new location. All unnecessary stuff goes – preferably on eBay. Also, if my mom hasn’t relocated by then, this will be the moment where I attack her basement – a.k.a. Where Couches Go To Die.

Why It’s Changing:

Because by this point, I’ll have just cleaned out that basement with 35 years of bullcrap and about 600 couches. PLUS I’ll be in the middle of moving for the second time in a year (and the third move in 14 months). You would not believe how much stuff I trashed/donated/recycled/gifted while I was on vacation. I’m still anti-clutter, I just won’t have any left. (Except for Justin’s. And it’s massive. Can I tag him into this game?)

I’ve been kicking around a few ideas, like No Sleeping Pills, No Sodium, No Negativity and No TV. But y’all, I’m about to move in with two senior citizens who still think I’m 16, so I’m pretty sure at least one month’s goal will be Not Killing My Parents.

*I realize that I’m making my mom sound like a hoarder. While I may call her this at times, she’s not. (And if you call her one, I will kick your ass.) She just knows there are better places to put things than a trash can, but doesn’t have the time to find that place and put it there. So, she’s been setting things aside in the basement. For 35 years. For… me.

Related: Does anyone know a nice place to chuck a broken TV? Howsabout a 400 lb. plaid couch?


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2 responses to “The Year Without – Update #6

  1. Jane

    Some Farmers’ Markets also have an electronics recycling station. You might inquire at one near you. If the various couches are usable, Goodwill will pick them up for you. You probably already knew all of this, but, hey, you did ask.

  2. Janet

    You are my favorite blog nowadays. And you’re not missing anything on Facebook, trust me.

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