The Thing About Jen

Here’s the remarkable thing about Jen: I’ve been her friend for almost a decade (though, we’ve had mutual pals for 16 years), and I have never heard anyone say a single bad thing about her.

To top it off, I’ve never even thought anything bad about her. She has never annoyed me or hurt my feelings or said/done something to make me cringe.

I can’t say that about many other people, including myself. I mean, everyone annoys everyone sometimes. Everybody vents. Friends and family members argue. People put their foot in their mouth. People just hang out too much and get sick of each other. I know I can be a dick. You get used to forgiving, forgetting, tolerating, and ignoring behavior. Jason and I fight like pros and end up cooking for each other an hour later. Hell, I had the same BFF for 22 years before I realized that I actually didn’t like her at all. Part of any friendship is putting up with the bad, and we all contribute to that.

But Jen? No one says anything bad about Jen. As far as I know, no one feels anything bad towards Jen or because of Jen. I mean, Pat says that he loves her and Pat hates everything. Girlfriend hasn’t caused so much as an eye roll. Oh yeah. She’s that awesome.

Basically, Jen is the best (and hilarious, smart, adorable, thoughtful and astonishingly patient). In terms of people you want in your life, she’s truly as good as it gets.

(Also she has fierce hair and I think her baked ziti got me pregnant?)

At Niki’s bachelorette party the other day, we were explaining how we met and I almost got a little choked up, like, “Holy crap, I am so lucky that I got to be her friend.”

In fact, I love Jen so much that I won’t tell you HOW OLD SHE IS TODAY.

Happy birthday Jen!!!!

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