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So yesterday I moved and then weeded the entire side of the garage in 95° heat; what did you do? It’s the first day of summer and my first full day back home. The Summer of Obligational Love has officially begun.

Saturday night, Justin came over after his Frontyard gig. It was around midnight and I had just finished off a few beers and an entertainment center*. We had both skipped dinner and were exhausted, so we decided to order Elicia’s pizza and eat it outside.

It took a few slices before we realized that this was almost exactly what we were doing when he asked me to be his girlfriend – we had taken a break from painting my room to eat some Elicia’s in the backyard. Also, we realized it was 11 months since we watched The Room and he asked me on a date. So it felt like a very appropriate way to end my South City adventure.


My dad wanted a radio for Father’s Day and I visited four stores trying to find one. Finally, Justin suggested the Radio Shack next to my house, duh. However, even Radio Shack is running out of radios; they only had one model that included speakers, an AC adapter and an earphone jack. AAANNNDDD it cost me $80 (on sale from $99). It’s a super dope Shortwave radio and my dad is worth it, but still. I was expecting them to cost $10 at this point, not be nearly extinct.

I was so taken aback that I went to the store to buy an angry beer and a King of the Hill. As I huffed past the rack full of gift cards, I bumped into it and caused gift cards to sploosh everywhere. This was the same day that my giant umbrella turned inside out and I had to shove the whole thing in my car during a midwest hurricane. Not my finest moment.


Not going to lie, moving back in with my parents is 75% awesome. (The other 25% belongs to my mother, who acts incredulous about absolutely everything I do. Everything.) There’s something so weird about living in the exact room where I spent high school and college, with half of the same furniture. My basement pad is so huge and cool and cozy. If there was a working toilet in the basement, I might consider staying forever.

I picked a great month for No Facebook; my parents’ computer is upstairs and, combined with the fact that I was never on Facebook when I lived at home last time, I’ve reverted back to whatever entertained me back then and I no longer have that constant itch to go online. My entertainment consists of a few books and my DVDs. Currently I’m re-watching Freaks and Geeks, though I’m debating making July TV-Free.

*The entries I linked to will probably be better when blog-city fixes whatever broke my pictures (it took about a week to fix last time around).

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