Everybody Look At Me

On Sunday, the movers brought my big desk over to Justin’s. We had to move the couch out of the way so they could get it to the back of the loft.

And then we accidentally discovered the greatest thing in the world for a Lazy Sunday – a Couch Boat!

Everything is better in a Couch Boat.* Eating lunch, sippin lemon-lime ice water, snuggling, playing with Chancey, watching the end of The Wire Season 2 … even the part about Frank was less traumatic, all thanks to the Couch Boat. Dude, I didn’t care about my poofy eye when I was in the Couch Boat! (Still poofy, btw.)

Justin and I have decided to make the Couch Boat a lazy day tradition. A TV tray has already been rescued from the Charity Pile in my basement because it’s the perfect Couch Boat accessory. I have the feeling that when we buy new couches, the deciding factor will be whether or not we can turn them into a Couch Boat. I mean, Couch Boat is a member of our family now. I love you, Couch Boat.

*Every time I read this sentence, it sounds like Charles Barkley at the Cheesecake Factory to me. Girl, that’s a menu.



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4 responses to “Everybody Look At Me

  1. Janternet

    I love houseboat!
    P.S. I got your mail. I am DYING. your remarks are the best. I had no idea I was a Satanist!

  2. SecretlyStephie

    And a pagan!

  3. Erin

    “Ha ha ha, oh, Bork.”

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