You Will Probably Tell Your Grandkids About It

Last year on the Fourth of July, I really hit rock bottom in terms of my love life and, more importantly, being depressed about my love life.

The dude I was dating (and am still friends with) ditched me to reevaluate his life and try to fix things with his ex. During the same week, a friend who has liked me since college (that I couldn’t date at the time because of Brian) decided to pursue me again, bombarded me with compliments, promised to visit, and promptly chickened out.

My circle of close friends at that point consisted of all couples, except for two guys that I had dated (who both blamed me for complicating their friendship). I was pretty sad about watching the fireworks alone, surrounded by all of them, for reasons that are too complicated to explain here. Let’s just say, I have a history of lonely fireworks.

I had asked two friends to warn me if my ex was at the 4th of July party, and not only did one get mad at me for asking, but they still didn’t tell me. So I showed up to this party with a brave face, immediately saw not one but two exes, with the rest of the group staring at me to see what I would do. I stayed, but I felt blindsided and (though this is no one’s fault and probably has more to do with all the above events combined) a little hurt. I went home early, and almost skipped the fireworks entirely before meeting them at the last minute, unsoberly.

The next day, I decided that being depressed and pouting wasn’t doing me any favors, so I resolved to branch out and meet new people. I contacted a few folks about this TV Time Club that a Squid named Justin was throwing on his roof, and I got the secret password.

I drove downtown extremely early, not knowing what I was in for. So when I climbed out onto the roof, I saw Justin standing there all alone, with a lit-up Ferris Wheel spinning behind him.

My friend Heather is convinced that I’m going to marry Justin, so she asked me, “Did you just know? When I met my husband, I knew.”

And even though I was trying to avoid “Are You My Boyfriend?” Syndrome, and I’m risking sounding like an asshole here if we ever break up – I did. I knew. Something huge was about to happen, and I could feel it starting right there.

I guess my point with this story is, get ready for some Epic Fireworks Cuddling tonight, people. I earned it.

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