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Too Tired To Think Of A Title

I’m not ready to write too much about it yet – maybe not ever – so if you see lots of dumb YouTube videos or something, that’s why. I’m doing sort of okay… Sunday I spent the day taking care of other people, Monday there were tons of much-appreciated guests, so I didn’t really have a chance to cry (really cry) until last night.

I was going to wait to tell Facebook about what happened because it just seemed a little … tacky? But times have changed and to be honest, it’s nice to take a deep breath and dive into 100 condolance emails at once, rather than have them sprinkled throughout the week.

From TSGoC: “Sorry to hear that :(. I’m in transit to the dictatorship of Myanmar, but will have gmail.” Of course he is. Love it.

I wanted to tell Shortcake readers something before I told most other people. My parents have always had plans to be cremated, and my mom had told them to just keep the remains. But I insisted on taking his ashes. Part of them will be spead on the family property in Cuba, Missouri where he spent his childhood summers. There’s a place deep in the woods called the Pinnacle that he apparently loved, so that’s where he will go; it will be fun to hike around and find it. If I come across a Civil War battlefield on the drive out there, they’re getting a dash or two.

The other half? I’m taking him to Arizona. 🙂

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