What The FFFFF

So Blog-City is closing in 2012. I’ve already set up a new home at secretlystephie.wordpress.com. However, I don’t want to fully move until I’ve exported/imorted everything over there. Fun parts: my blog-city export file (which they don’t usually give until I’m totally shut down) is not in a format supported by wordpress, So I would need to convert everything to a different format and then add it to WordPress. Plus, I’m sort of familiar with wordpress, but not comfortable enough by any means to jump right into this. It’s empty, ugly, and doesn’t feel like home yet.

My August year without goal was SUPPOSED to be STAY POSITIVE but now I’m already pissed off. Give me a fucking break.

So… sometime in September when my life starts to slow down, I may be calling on some of my favorite web-savvy folks – Charles? Janet? to help me with this. I will pay, absolutely. Is that cool? Otherwise I may just try to transfer everything over manually. I only have 919 entries. *Sigh*

And maaaannn I am thisclose to half a million blog-hits! Not fair!

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