Half a Million!


500,000 hits over the course of 6 years and some change? It isn’t monumental or impressive in the Grand Scheme of the Internet, but it’s feels pretty damn rewarding for a little spaz like me. I used to get 5 hits a day, and now I average about 500. What on earth?

This feels like it deserves some sort of nerdy speech, but (a) I do that every day and (b) I wrote the mother of all entries when I celebrated the 5 Year Anniversary last summer.

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One response to “Half a Million!

  1. The Captain

    Congrats! Half a mil is a commendable achievement and I applaud you. It really sucks that we have to start over now that Blog-City is abandoning us. I’m hoping to make 100K by the time I jump off this sinking ship. Right now I’m leaning towards Squarespace for a new home. Good luck on your new home search!

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