Funky Bunch 4 Eva

(Gang is now launching home invasion to get revenge on Gil/Stephen for ruining their already shitty house. Confident in their security system, they try to set the code. Reese: “Dad. David’s got the code.”)

Stephie: Should’ve watched Battlestar Galacticaaaa…

(The Bear is battering down the door with a log.)

Erin: Did he cut down a tree?

Christy: (as stepmom) Stephen, did you fuck up their house?

Last week, Erin had the awesome idea to drunk blog the Marky Mark Masterpiece Fear. This was the first R-rated movie I ever saw in the theater illegally. (I exclaimed, “I can’t believe she didn’t card me!” literally 1 second after I bought the ticket. The theater employee was either extremely cool or extremely lazy.) I love this movie. I also love drinking, blogging, and hanging with Erin and Christy. Clearly I was down.

The result? Hilarity. Well, hilarity, typos, and oversharing. Want to read it? You’ll have to go to Erin’s blog. It’s just one click. Don’t be scared. Marky Mark is too busy stalking Nicole to snap your neck. Maybe. Probably best to not draw attention to yourself, though.

Watch the trailer below. Then CLICK HERE!

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