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Bear Hands

If you guys have a chance, you should check out Bear Hands’ new album. It’s streaming now at

Two of these guys are old high school friends of my ex-boyfriend; I met them when I visited him on the East Coast. Given the circumstances of the break-up, they would probably run away from me if they saw me now (and barf if they read this), but at the time they were very sweet and nice to me. The bass player made us breakfast one morning after a kegger; he added all the spices in the spice cabinet to a batch of potatoes and it turned out heavenly.

I think I came across this band originally when I was making fun of my ex’s band, but this music is so fantastic that I quickly forgot about their connection to him or anything. I think these guys are so great and I’ve been enjoying their EP for a few years. It’s time you liked them too.

Oh, something else before you notice they’re from Brooklyn and let it rip – can we as an Internet retire the word “hipster” and incessant mocking of hipsters? It’s tired and annoying and besides, trendy consumerism is probably the only thing keeping the economy afloat at the moment. Who gives a shit?


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Bible Halloween is Sexist

Halloween at the height of my parents’ evangelism. My brother was David from David & Goliath. I was the Virgin Mary. HE got an awesome slingshot. I got a baby Jesus.

This was when I started realizing that girls get screwed over sometimes. I wanted a slingshot, not some dumb-ass doll that I had to treat like the Son of God. LOOK HOW PISSED I AM.

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Champs and … Well, Champs

I’ve been moving some of my past entries over* and it made me a little nostalgic for my Champs and Chumps lists.

I don’t have any Chumps right now that I can think of (or any that I should write about, at least), so let’s keep this positive and go ALL CHAMPS. Ready?


Cabin in the Woods: Joss Whedon has a movie coming out? Co-written and directed by Drew Goddard? With tons of Buffyverse actors, including my favorite, Tom Lenk?** How did I miss this news? Needless to say, I’m pumped, especially since I just finished the latest (smut-filled)(hilarious) Buffy comic book.

Insanity Workouts: I’m on Month 2, Day 9, which is the longest I’ve gone without life interrupting. I feel great and I love that I’m on a good roll. I still need to take a lot of 5-second rests, but it amazes me that I’m able to do this.

This Bag: I sent my Style Guru Ginger on a mission for a cute computer bag, and while the adorable one she found was too expensive, it inspired me to “go yellow” and I found this:

TV Time: Justin has relaunched his rooftop TV club, this time at The Moolah! (Well, the Mini-Moolah in the lobby to be exact.) It’s always fun and the themes are hilarious. Please come – Tuesday nights at 8!

$$$: Justin and I are now planning on making the move official after Christmas. This way I don’t have to leave my mom alone during the Christmas season. This ALSO means 2 more months of extra $$, which is great because HUGE expenses seem to be hitting all at once (like this morning, when my car didn’t start – CHUMP CARD)

Halloween: TONS of HUGE parties to look forward to. I’m recycling last year’s costume because I love it, and y’all will freak over Justin’s. It’s going to be a good weekend.

Freedom: The Internet has talked enough about this book, but I wanted to throw it out there that I’m enjoying it a lot. And since the only time I can read is before bed and I fall asleep after 20 pages, I’m dragging out this pleasure for as long as possible. Thanks, Franzen.

Road Trip: I’m going to Indiana with Justin for Thanksgiving. I’m so excited to see where he grew up and meet his extended family! We’re visiting both parents, which means I get to see the whole state (and maybe drop by Michigan to hug an old friend or two). Because of my dad’s surgeries and my work’s VERY limited vacation policy, I haven’t had time to leave town since 2007. That’s right, aside from Illinois, I have not left the state in 3 years. Isn’t that horrifying? Never again.

This Guy: Wait about 30 seconds, and then this guy launches into my exact philosophy for life. I cannot emphasize enough how much my life changed when this outlook suddenly clicked in me:

*Yes, I know there will be a WordPress export file someday. However:

a. I don’t trust Blog-City.
b. I’m impatient and anxious; I just feel better doing it now.
c. I have plenty of spelling errors and inappropriate content that needs to be fixed or deleted.
d. Some (many) entries are stupid and don’t need to be moved.
e. I like having control over these things. Much like I’m doing with my childhood basement right now, if this place is going down then I’m gutting it myself.
f. I’m sure I would have to go back through all the entries to fix some sort of error anyway. (See point a.)

Maybe by the time I’m sick of this, a tested and awesome export file will be available and I can move the rest with one click. But until then, I’m having fun reliving 05 – 06!

**I am pretty sure, via Facebook, that my friend Conor knows Tom Lenk. However, he always has people asking, “You know so-and-so? I LOVE so-and-so!!” I’m trying to avoid being that person. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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Why I Hate Women

It gets better:

It reminds me of some of this amazing Teen Girl Talk book I found in my basement:

(Though I will admit, accepting beers from one dude and then giving them to a hotter dude is kind of brilliant. Idiot savant?)


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My Hammy Vice

I was looking over this blog these other day and I realized that hella entries mention wine. I actually only drink that little glass that you’re supposed to drink with dinner, unless it’s the weekend and I rock a those teeny Riesling bottles. Wine is too gnarly to drink daily or binge on (unless you’re Lana from Intervention).

It’s just that I’ve been a beer person for so long (having long-term relationships with 3 raging alcoholics and living with frat boys for 4 years will do that to you) and these days I can barely finish a tallboy. I’m turning into a wine person – not as a snooty obsession, but a preference – and I love that.

After smoking for 14 years, taking sleeping pills for 5 years and being generally dumb about my health in my youth, I’m extremely proud that my one vice right now is – for the most part – a healthy one. Honestly, that month where I drank lemon-lime ice water instead of alcohol changed my life – that’s still what I prefer if I want to relax.

Plus, I just love the idea of wine, if that makes sense. Wine can be pretentious but it can also be hilarious. Things seem less sad and more comical when you replace beer or whiskey with wine. So if I mention wine more than I actually drink it, that’s why.

So yeah … no one has expressed concern, but every now and then I like to read over what I’ve been writing to see if there’s something I should be concerned with, and I realized wine is more of a theme here than it is in my life. So no, I am not a wino these days … just a silly goose. A classy silly goose.

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Spirit Animal


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The Year Without – Update #11

CAT Scan was cancer free; yippee!

Since my October Goal was such an epic fail, I’m trying it again in November along with TWO new November goals. I’m still living at home with my moms and not paying rent, so I would be a dick if I didn’t challenge myself somehow.

I’ve already kicked off the November goals to adjust. So here we go, friends:

1. Food Log!

Not a log made out of food (which would surprise no one, sadly) – writing down everything I eat. It’s the holidays and therefore it’s time to shame myself into behaving. I won’t post it here, don’t worry. In addition to food, I’m logging the time, place and reason that I’m eating. This way I can identify and better attack the problematic habits.

2. No Computer After 9:30!

Y’all, I have a problem! Catching up on my Dexters, chillin with the Teen Moms, checking my favorite blogs constantly even though I have a Google Reader … it’s addictive and so, so sad. I love my computer (still thinking of a name) but my sleep schedule and free time are suffering so much. Time for some control.

3. Insanity Month 2! I Will Kill You!

I started it AGAIN this week and can hopefully keep up the momentum. I’ve decided that if I do this until the end of the year (consecutively this time), I get to buy myself a treadmill. The exceptions are my Thanksgiving trip to Indiana (3 days off) and my Christmas trip to Branson (3 days off). Insanity is not something you can do in a shared space.

So those are my goals …think I can do it? Goal #2 will certainly help with Goal #3, so I think it’s possible.

And yeah, due to insane expenses (CAT Scan, mouthguard, room remodeling, car insurance, etc) and the fact that Justin and I are taking our sweet-ass time finishing this bedroom, I will be living at home for at least one more month. My mom is happy about it (the holidays are a terrible time to suddenly live alone) and as I’ve said before, free rent is one hell of a drug.


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