My Super Sweet CAT Scan

Have you guys ever been injected with iodine? Because it’s kind of

“You’ll start to feel warm,” he told me as he injected saline into my IV.

“Oh okay, good to know,” I said, averting my eyes to the ceiling.

“Like a hot flash.”


“But before that? Like, right away? You’ll have this awful taste in your mouth.”


“And then sometimes? People say it feels like they’re peeing their pants.”



The craziest part is it all happens in a few seconds. I mean, I’ve watched movies where people inject heroin and get shivery right away, but I’ve never thought about how bloodstreams work like that in real life. For some reason I thought I would have to sit and read a magazine for 10 minutes; the speed was completely unexpected. Well, this isn’t too bad. Hey, something tastes funny. I guess that’s the [WHOOSH] OH MY GOD I PEED MY PANTS.

And then he said, “Now, don’t move.”


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3 responses to “My Super Sweet CAT Scan

  1. When I was in high school, I got super sick and they had to do a dialysis thing on me. I got really hot and told the nurse I was going to pass out, so she messed with the machine and IT COOLED MY BLOOD DOWN. Like, in seconds.

    The only time I feel like I’m peeing in my pants is when I do mushrooms. I thought this was odd until I told my mom and she was like “Oh my god, that used to happen to me in the 70s!”

  2. Jane

    Yeah…I had to have that done when I was in high school. It is the strangest sensation and it does happen so quickly. It made me wonder how fast blood really is traveling through our mph.

  3. Kendra

    Agreed, it does feel so weird. I had my cat scanned in high school as well. Very odd feeling in deed. It also made me wonder, if I accidently got cut right now (as in right after I had finished with scan), would my blood glow? I almost cut myself to find out… I still wonder if it would.

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