An Update with Cheese

I lived through the night! However, I have to wear this nightguard for six months. And I have a CAT Scan this afternoon for unrelated nonsense. So my life remains in peril. Maybe Erin can make me some more Mac ‘n Cheese?

I’ve decided that for our housewarming, Justin and I are going to have a GRILLED CHEESE PARTY. Last night we finished Buffy season 4, and Justin met this dude:

Also, I am totally failing at this month’s Year Without goal. I’m going to keep attempting to do the Insanity Month 2 workouts and if I get a good run going, I’ll continue it til next month. But we’re doing so much loft stuff after work and I’ve been falling asleep later (I blame the computer and this nightguard) so it’s hard to wake up an hour early. And if I have to choose between exercise and sleeping 7-8 hours, these days I choose sleep. Melatonin makes it impossible to sleep any less, and NPR agrees with me that sleep is pretty important.

I’m determined to keep attempting it though (these last two weeks especially), and someday the habit will stick. I didn’t realize what a bad month this was to try. 😦

Tonight after my CAT scan, I get to eat beef from Moon Dance Farms! We might paint, depending on how I feel. Tomorrow I get to hang out with one of my oldest friends, Jane. (Her mom was my first grade teacher!) Saturday, we camp at The Spot. The leaves are insanely beautiful right now and hopefully I can take some pictures today – Missouri in the fall is the best. Big fun things are on the way!


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2 responses to “An Update with Cheese

  1. Yeah sure, more mac and cheese. But better this time. The batch you got was only okay.

    And by better, I mean a thicker cheese crust and MOAR HAM PLZ.

    (Also Graham has been helping at the farm lately, and told me how Dustin’s mom knows all the cows by name. It’s weird when he does agricultural stuff.)

  2. Stephie

    Yeah, I helped name Pancakes the cow. I don’t know if they’ve used any of my other names, but I love when she asks us for help.

    Are you coming to The Spot? I wish you were, though I don’t need you to help me make fun of any boys this year.

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