The Year Without – Update #11

CAT Scan was cancer free; yippee!

Since my October Goal was such an epic fail, I’m trying it again in November along with TWO new November goals. I’m still living at home with my moms and not paying rent, so I would be a dick if I didn’t challenge myself somehow.

I’ve already kicked off the November goals to adjust. So here we go, friends:

1. Food Log!

Not a log made out of food (which would surprise no one, sadly) – writing down everything I eat. It’s the holidays and therefore it’s time to shame myself into behaving. I won’t post it here, don’t worry. In addition to food, I’m logging the time, place and reason that I’m eating. This way I can identify and better attack the problematic habits.

2. No Computer After 9:30!

Y’all, I have a problem! Catching up on my Dexters, chillin with the Teen Moms, checking my favorite blogs constantly even though I have a Google Reader … it’s addictive and so, so sad. I love my computer (still thinking of a name) but my sleep schedule and free time are suffering so much. Time for some control.

3. Insanity Month 2! I Will Kill You!

I started it AGAIN this week and can hopefully keep up the momentum. I’ve decided that if I do this until the end of the year (consecutively this time), I get to buy myself a treadmill. The exceptions are my Thanksgiving trip to Indiana (3 days off) and my Christmas trip to Branson (3 days off). Insanity is not something you can do in a shared space.

So those are my goals …think I can do it? Goal #2 will certainly help with Goal #3, so I think it’s possible.

And yeah, due to insane expenses (CAT Scan, mouthguard, room remodeling, car insurance, etc) and the fact that Justin and I are taking our sweet-ass time finishing this bedroom, I will be living at home for at least one more month. My mom is happy about it (the holidays are a terrible time to suddenly live alone) and as I’ve said before, free rent is one hell of a drug.


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2 responses to “The Year Without – Update #11

  1. “Christmas trip to Branson” sounds like Hell to me. Literally, like exactly what’s going to happen if a) I’m wrong about the atheism thing and b) I turn out to be a terrible person. Which would happen if I actually went to Branson (um, again), because I would want to strangle the sarcastic voice out of my own throat afterwards.

    Uh, so…why are you going there?

    • Family, dick. πŸ™‚

      My sister-in-law’s parents have a farm near Springfield, and my mom has timeshares, so we’re getting a big ass condo for a week so the two families can hang out with my niece.

      And UM you KNOW the Osmonds are in Branson and you KNOW I love me some Osmonds. I am going to sneak out and see them when my family gets on my nerves.

      “Screw you guys! I’m going to the OSMONDS!” That’ll show ’em.

      Branson is actually becoming a major attraction for film crews, he way Shreveport is for Louisiana. And I haven’t been there since I was a kid but I’m willing to bet it’s more awesome than people think.

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