Some Enchanted Evening

On Saturday night, Justin and I drove up to Moon Dance Farm. Most of my friends were there all weekend chopping down trees (“real men doing real things”, as Sarah P. would say), but Justin had to work Saturday morning.

Halfway there, I felt a little silly. I mean, driving two hours there and two hours back, just to spend 3 hours on a farm in the dark? (If I had known it would be that warm, we would have camped.)

But shortly into our visit, Jen and Nick offered to take Justin and I to Jane’s new house. It’s an Earth Home, built into a hill for unbelievable climate control and efficiency.

We walked across a huge field to get there, at least half a mile, and the moon (a Beaver Moon) was so bright that we didn’t even need a flashlight. It was at the highest point of the land, so we could see for miles and miles, even in the middle of the night. To top it off, one of Jane’s cats (fluffy, black and white, and named after one of the Marx Brothers) followed us dutifully there and back.

That was pretty magical. That was worth four hours in a car.

(Also worth it – throwing handfuls of leaves onto the bonfire coals and pretending to be Hermione Granger when they burst into flames.)


Jen and Ron and I are seeing the new Harry Potter tonight. This will be our fifth Harry Potter together. I’ve seen every single Harry Potter with someone from London; isn’t that fancy?

Justin caved and is finally watching the movies so he can see me geek out proper next summer. We’ve watched two so far.


I’m about 1/3 through the rubber band ball that Justin gave me for Christmas last year.

Today’s love note? “Wowsville, Population: 2 ” Hee!


We’re halfway through remodeling. We bought a new swag lamp for the bathroom and my mother (gladly) gave us the spaghetti swag lamp ( the Disco Lamp!) for the bedroom. The shag rug is purchased and matches the chocolate walls perfectly. I bought some awesome Etsy art for the walls, too:

Art from dsudyka and Mary Kate McDevitt (who also did the “Feels Good To Get Some Stuff Done” print that I have hanging next to my computer).


I took my own advice and started running and lifting free weights again. I feel AWESOME! I was proud of myself for making it through Insanity, but I wasn’t feeling a productive burn or seeing any results. Running and free weights just do it for me. I’m running about a mile and a half on most days, though I’ve made it to three. Not bad for a year-long break. But this time around I’m focusing on speed instead of distance. My muscles are constantly aching and I love it I love it I love it.


Justin and I had an awesome lazy Sunday with organic banana applesauce pancakes (cooked on my new griddle!) and PJ pants and Buffy. We’re leaving for Indiana at the crack of dawn on Thursday and I’m really excited. I have never been more in love with this guy.


Speaking of PJ pants, I went on a shopping spree over the weekend and only Anthropologie would make me want to spend $48 on pajama bottoms. (I didn’t, but I desperately wanted to.) (And still might.)


I’m in the mood to reinvent myself. These days, I’m inspired by everything. I love when that happens. Also: I’m wearing a ruffled tank and ballet slippers and I’m not even wearing a hoodie; what on earth.


Only 6 months of entries left to transfer from the old blog to this one! Hooray! They’re all 365 months. Booo.

(Well, almost free.)


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3 responses to “Some Enchanted Evening

  1. Jane

    Enjoy HP! I am glad Justin finally got on board. Some things you just can’t compromise on. πŸ™‚

  2. Janet

    I have the “Feels good” poster too!

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