It Is Finished.

Last night, I finally finished moving all the entries over.

Look how sad and gutted it looks! 😥

Towards the end, I was like a person moving in real life; I was so sick of it that I started trashing everything, even some stuff I liked.

So let’s all take a moment to reflect on the time I had 548,045  hits, because it’ll probably be another 6.5 years before I reach that again:


You know it’s a slow day when you’re having two simultaneous IM conversations about Mumbles the Orange.

And you know it’s the future when one of those dudes is in the Dictatorship of Myanmar. TSGoC managed to hack into my blog amidst crazy Asian censorship and discovered his new best friend.

“Oh thank God I reached the Mumbles post,” he said out of nowhere. “I was searching and searching, and it existed.”


RIP Shortcake. RIP Mumbles the Orange.

I had tons of other stuff to tell you but my head is swirling; this is the first time I’ve had to pack for a trip in 3 years. Also right now I am all like F#@K BLOGGING

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