Shopping Spree!

Still depressed and discouraged as hell, so I don’t have anything of value to tell you (see above). But I’m working hard to trick myself into being happy:

  • Couch25K and freeweights 5 times a week
  • Switching from generic Yaz back to real Yaz
  • Doing nice stuff for other people
  • Smiling even when I don’t want to
  • Showing up to work at 7 am to be as productive as possible before anyone can put me in a non-productive depression coma
  • Planning an escape to KC to hang out with two of my oldest friends (and first two boyfriends). I am going alone, which means I’ll have 8 hours to sing at the top of my lungs in the car
  • See above

I’ve spent this whole summer and fall without rent, and I’ve put all that money toward debt and savings. So in the past few weeks, I decided to finally reward myself with fun little stuff and some big purchases I’ve been hesitant about.


Janet mentioned buying 23andMe on her Livejournal and I flipped. Simply spit in this kit, mail it in, and learn about your risk for diseases, predicted drug reactions and ancestory information, all based on your DNA. Update notifications included.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a little  biological information, but as an adopted kid I’m at a disadvantage. It would cost $375 for me to find out if my birth parents even want to talk to me, let alone spill all the family’s medical happenings since 1981 (the health history of 18 year-old parents and 45 year-old grandparents tells me nothing). Seriously, with all we know about genetics these days, there should be a law about keeping adopted kids updated on your health.

I realize this kit seems iffy, but it’s 80% off right now. Also, Janet is one of those coupon gals that can buy 2 weeks of food for $1, so I trust her judgment on whether or not this is worth the purchase. (Though clearly, I am about to be enrolled in some  secret creepy government experiment.)


I am f*cking tired of being f*cking fat despite trying everything, and this is motherf*cking science, so this better f*cking work. Also I found a crazy-good QVC deal.  F*ck yeah!


Purse purse purse, I love you purse. I finally started investing in quality leather purses last year, but I hate 99% of what’s out there. Why does every purse have to be covered in buckles and zippers and shiny crap? So when my black purse broke, I was heartbroken … until I googled hopelessly and managed to find the purse I had been searching for all along. No buckles! All awesome!


This pair of mugs from Twisted River Clay can be customized with a couple’s initials. I got a pair for my favorite couple. That present was heartfelt, but I have the feeling this will be my go-to couple-themed present from now on. So if we have any mutual friends getting married or having a housewarming, BACK OFF please. I’ve had enough people steal my ideas in the past few weeks; get your own sentiment.


I already told you about it. But remember how cute?

Love Is!

I found this calender last year right when I was rediscovering The Peanuts and searching for an actual “Love Is…” print (though now that I’ve looked again, I forgot they’re all naked). This calendar seemed perfect at the time; I’m glad they do this every year. Also: it comes with tons of STICKERS!

and the grand finale…


Kendra decided to book an awesome trip for awesome ladies, so a bunch of us are heading to Napa in June for a long weekend. This is going to be awesome. Also, I have a trip to Arizona planned and the (maybe happening) London reunion, so I have a great head start to spend 2011 making up for those 3 vacationless years.



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3 responses to “Shopping Spree!

  1. Jane

    Are you definitely in for Napa? This IS exciting news!

  2. Yes! I can’t wait. Do you know if we need to share rooms? If so, wanna be my roommate?

  3. Kendra

    Yes, there will be some room sharing. Right now there are 6 lovely ladies going, so that’s 3/room.
    I’m so excited for this trip that I almost pee myself when thinking about it… can’t wait!!!!!

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