Home Alone

I was going to go to Branson with my mom and Grandma for the weekend, but it snowed a lot on Friday, preventing us from leaving. THEN I was awake until 3am last night (probably because I slept til noon yesterday). It seemed dumb to drive 4 hours each way for a 24-hour trip (they’ll be there much longer). I was upset because I thought my mom would be sad that I wouldn’t be with her on Christmas, but she was relieved that I wouldn’t be driving so much in the snow, especially so sleep deprived.


I’m in my PJ’s, drinking mimosas, eating port wine cheese, watching vampire movies on Pay Per View, and rewatching some Party Down that my brother bought me. Up next, a bubble bath and food from wherever delivers today.

Best part? I made a snowman!

You have no idea how beautiful it is around my mom’s house when it snows. It’s my favorite thing in the world; I could wander around for hours out here, all, “Magic everywhere in this bitch.” I feel really blessed that I get to spend my last week in this house surrounded by this.

OH! And here is a new favorite Christmas memory: after I decided to make the most of my Home Alone Christmas, I walked up to 7-11 to get some champagne. I always bring a bag to put groceries in, and as I shoved the bottle into my big messenger bag, the 7-11 employee – who started laughing as soon as I wandered in, covered in snow – said in his thick Indian accent, “OH my goooodness; nobody sees, no-bo-dy knooows,” and then we cracked up for 5 minutes. Amazing. I love that dude.

Merry Christmas, guys.

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3 responses to “Home Alone

  1. Janet

    merry christmas! sounds wonderful

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