January Plus – Fitness! (And Skins)

I know, I know, not original, especially since this was my goal last year.

But dudes! This BodyBugg is SO FUN! I managed to lose 4 POUNDS over the holidays, amidst several lunch dates, a pizza party, actual parties, a weekend of London Tea Room breakfasts and the consumption of at least 3 bottles of wine and 2 port wine cheeseballs.* Yup.

In addition to squeezing in some sort of fitness every day, I’m going to the Y with Justin next week to check it out and, unless I hate it, join.

I’m moving this week, so that’s a workout in itself. I might even try to carry all my boxes up several flights of stairs.

ALSO I  joined the Biggest Loser competition at my work so I can keep myself accountable AND possibly win cash money.

Last month I managed to work out 24 out of 31 days, so this shouldn’t be hard.


I started watching Skins yesterday and I love it! What is it with me and British teens (or shows about teens in general)?

I haven’t heard too much about the show, aside from the fact that people love it, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was afraid it would be like a British Undressed which, surprisingly, even I couldn’t stomach. But it turns out that Skins is really sweet. Ironically my favorite character so far is the anorexic girl. UK seasons are really short so I’ll probably finish Season 1 tonight. Hell, I’ll probably finish the whole series this month, and then it’s on to new Gossip Girl and 90210 eee eee eee. It should be noted that I’m always working out while I watch this crap. I’m practically in my thirties, people.

(I should add that I am READING like an ADULT too – just finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (loved it) and I’m starting The Girl Who Played With Fire tonight.)

*I’m glad I can eat better this week – soon I will be as happy as these ladies!

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