Living with Justin is awesome so far. Though, I’m really sad that I had to break this up:

Chauncey can’t sleep in the room with us because I’m allergic, so he comes to the door and whines a lot throughout the night. Justin is planning on sleeping in the treehouse every now and then to appease him, but it’s still heartbreaking.

Does anyone know any tricks to ease cats into a transition like this?

For that matter, anyone know how I can ease Justin into this? Right now he blocks out the noise with his iPad and Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, which always makes me laugh really hard for some reason.

“Oh, look at that,” he retorts as he slips them on, “I can’t hear you anymore, either.”

We haven’t had any major “Man, I Hate That Thing You Do” moments yet, but I’m bracing myself. While we’re throwing out cat weaning tips, got any tips for living with your significant other? (We’ve already established designated nights where one of us goes out so the other person can be home alone.)

The place is coming along nicely. I’ll show you pictures after I have my Grilled Cheese Birthday Party!

Other Stuff:

  • I paid off a credit card today!
  • I’ve managed to work out every day, though not as much as I would like. I miss the treadmill. Hopefully we’ll make it to the Y soon.
  • No more weight loss yet, though I just had 2 sugar cookies for brunch so it’s kind of my fault.
  • My job is really depressing me and while it’s never a great idea to write about work, you should know that it’s consuming most of my thoughts and energy these days and that’s why I haven’t been very chatty here. I’m just … sad. It takes a lot of effort to snap myself out of it, but I’m trying.
  • In Buffy/Wire Club news, we finished Season 5 of Buffy and have just started the last season of The Wire. *sniffle*
  • I finished Season 3 of Skins and am slowly making my way through Season 4. I have become a Freffy fanatic. I’ve decided I much prefer watching seasons of television all at once online; this way I become immersed in a world the same way I do with books.
  • Justin and my Grandma. I mean, can you even:




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2 responses to “Cohabitation

  1. Believe it or not, Christine and I are talking about moving in together. I haven’t been LiveJournaling, so you don’t know that we are starting to fall for each other pretty hard (the L-bomb has been dropped) and all the previous issues of nervousness and complications have pretty much vanished. It’s getting nice and comfortable and that’s kind of shocking, really. Neither of us were prepared for this whole “happy couple with no worries” thing, especially considering we’re both champion worriers.

    She works late a lot, usually a 4pm to 9pm shift, so there wouldn’t be much of an issue of needing alone time being that I work 9 to 5. I’d go to work, she’s sleep in and do whatever Christines do in the morning and early afternoon, she’d leave for work, I’d come home and take a nap, putz about the house for a while and then she’d be home and we’d go do something. and… Repeat!

    Either way, we wouldn’t move in together until June, when her lease expires, and we are going to start spending days at each other’s places to see if we can stand being around each other 24/7 without starting to despise each other’s habits.

  2. Stephie

    That’s awesome, Charles! You seem to have branched out and grown so much in the past year and I’m really proud of you.

    By June, it’ll be about a year with Christine, right? I would say it seems fast to move in, but 6 months seems like a decent amount of time to get used to the idea and even do a practice run or two.

    And your schedules sound AWESOME in terms of alone time, but then again, I love alone time more than most people, including Justin.

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