Get My Head Back On

I WAS all excited to tell you that I’ve lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks (that’s 20% of my goal!) but then Erin decided to have a belated festivus party and served up all sorts of mouthwatering bullcrap like bacon-wrapped dates and Amish blue cheese. And then Graham wouldn’t let me leave without a fresh-from-the-oven cookie. Dagnammit, you delicious-food-cooking assholes.

So … I’ve lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks. Not bad.

To make up for all the weekend parties and celebrations – Justin and I realized we’re booked until mid-March – I’ve added in some of the shorter Insanity workouts along with my free weights. I forgot how much I love those! I can’t join the Y until I get my W-2 but I toured it the other day – it’s such a gorgeous old building. My mom told me she used to go to that Y decades ago when she worked downtown!

I finished Skins season 4. Booooo. If you plan on watching it, I only recommend it through Season 3. Good thing it was only 8 episodes.

I’ve pushed past the depression regarding certain aspects of my life and have summoned up enough energy to turn this into something positive. That’s all I can really say, but I’m excited for everything I have planned for the next few weeks. Even my shrink was like, “Damn, girl.”

I’m going to try really hard to lose 3 more pounds by next week … or at least before my Grilled Cheese Party (where I’m guaranteed to gain it all back).

Cohabitation is still amazing … I love Justin so much and I can’t believe I get to wake up with him every day. Between domestic bliss, a change of scenery and all the endorphins, I feel like a new person.

Remember when I used to be funny?

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  1. I’m going to get a business card:

    Delicious-Food-Cooking Asshole

    No contact information on it, either. Just the above.

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