Feng Shui

I’ve lost 10 pounds! Haaay! That’s 25% of my goal! Five more pounds and I’ll be at a weight that I haven’t seen since my dad’s heart surgery three years ago.

My Grilled Cheese Party may be a deterrent, though. Oh, did I mention I’m having a Grilled Cheese Party for my 30th Birthday? All kinds of cheese, bread, bacon, onions, jalapenos and other fixins. Justin is whipping up a batch of Bloody Marys (Maries?), too. My loft doesn’t have an exhaust fan in the kitchen so it’s bound to get hot and smokey, but it’s totally worth it. I plan on putting a block of Collier’s Welsh Cheddar in between two slices of honey wheat and going to town.

It’s my thirties, y’all. Time to take all those parties I dreamed about as a kid and make them happen. I’m trying to lose at least one more pound by Saturday so I can immediately gain it back.

So far, the last week of my twenties has been one of the best weeks of this entire past year. In addition to waking up with a gorgeous bearded man every day instead of a psychotic dachshund, my desk moved at work. I’m out of the copy cave and I can see people and, more importantly, windows! All my locales are working in my favor. Plus, I’ve been working on projects with the more positive and encouraging teams, which always keeps me motivated and upbeat. So, no tears or stress or nervous breakdowns this week.

Someone on tumblr – I want to say Doree but I’ve looked through her archives and I can’t find it – once had this theory that your mental stability is like a table, and the legs are your home, job, health and relationships. If all four of those areas are solid then so are you. If one leg is broken, you can manage, but once two break then everything goes to hell.

Whenever my broken leg is my relationship, health, or home, I can write about it here with no problem. But when I’m upset about work, I get cryptic and vague and quiet. Writing negative things about your job online is pretty stupid, and no matter how bad it gets, I’m only comfortable saying so much. It gets boring here, I know. I’ve missed you guys.

Also, I think one reason I’m focusing my energy on work issues is because for the longest time, my broken legs included being terminally single or dealing with my dad – so I wasn’t paying attention to this other leg that was wobbly, but not as bad as the other two. I just didn’t have the energy to deal with it at the time.

When other areas of your life start to get happy (or in the case of my dad, when the hardest part is over), it makes you focus on the negative aspects of other parts of your life. It never stops.

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