My Twenties Are Not Going Out Without A Fight

After I wrote yesterday, the day just kept getting better and better – to the point where I bought a scratcher card with the full belief that I would win.

So let’s review the last week of my twenties so far:


Awesome breakfast sandwich from The London Tea Room, which is quickly becoming our Sunday tradition. Justin and I alternate who picks up the food each week so the other person can eat in their pajamas.

THEN, Justin worked that night so I got to be home alone … and when I’m home alone, I turn it into an event. Stinky Parmesan popcorn, red wine, cheesy teen shows, a good book, etc. Heaven.


I moved my desk out of the dark copy cave and into the light, surrounded by people and windows:

See that birthday party? More on that in a second.


A friend gave me a heads up about an awesome writing opportunity that I couldn’t pass up … but so many other opportunities are in the works too that if I don’t get it, I’m okay with it. Either scenario is awesome, which is about the peachiest place to be.

PLUS, Justin had TV Time and I skipped it to work on a project so: another night home alone. Watching Hellcats! Woo! (P.S. Next week’s TV Time theme is “Pills”, featuring my favorite Punky Brewster episode of all time, the one with the Chiclets.)

Edited to Add: I found out that my favorite actor John Hawkes was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Winter’s Bone!

Fun 2-degrees facts: John Hawkes starred in Harold Buttleman, Daredevil Stuntman, a film written and directed by my friend Francis Stokes, co-starring all-around funny dude Stephen Falk.

Pretty sure the entire movie is still on YouTube. Also, my coworker Mike’s cousin is in Winter’s Bone – he plays the best friend’s husband.


Oh mah god. Where do I start? Well, I wrote yesterday so you know that I’ve lost 10 pounds. I got tons of awesome feedback on different projects at work, and with the new view, things have been much happier overall.

THEN I had even more good news in the writing opportunity department – news I couldn’t believe. Also, in addition to being the copywriter at my work, apparently I have a new title of  “Public Relations Coordinator”? Cool.

THEN HR passed out our w-2 forms, so now I can join the Y and get my sweet-ass tax return soon.

THEN I went to my moms so Justin and I could do laundry, and my Rolling Stone 90’s book had arrived. Also waiting for me? A super sweet “just because” card from my sister-in-law, which was totally unexpected and touching. Oh, and my mom was cleaning out CDs, so I got to inherit the Jimi Hendrix Experience CD that I used to steal from my dad all the time – this was how we started bonding over groovy music.

THEN I went looking for a knick knack of my dads and rummaged though his sock drawer – something I did all the time as a kid because he kept cool stuff in there. Instead of the knick knack (which my mom found later), you know what I found? A teeny tiny pair of pink knitted mittens. They were mine, which means he kept them nearby for almost 30 years. That made me feel really loved, and it was so sudden and overwhelming that I cried for a second (but as usual, Justin had perfect timing and pulled up right when I needed a hug).

THEEEEEN my mom gave me my birthday present from her – cash for Anthropologie clothes (woo!) and 5 bottles of Sweet Pea shower gel! (woo x 5!)  Then we all watched a movie together.

THEN I realized I had eaten so few calories and burned so many that I didn’t even need to use the hula hoop I had brought with me. Hooray for relaxation!


ZOMG today is the shit. For some reason, when I weighed myself this morning I had lost another 6 pounds?? (I weigh myself at the same time every day, so it’s usually pretty consistent.) I know it must be some sort of fluke but hey, I’m going with it – with all the birthday food, I’ll need a buffer zone in the pounds department.

I walked into work and my cube was covered with streamers and balloons! Sweet!

My company donated a bunch of sewing machines to a local high school, and I went along to write the press release. So: good deed and a field trip!

Everyone in my department secretly brought in food so we had chili, cornbread, cupcakes and virgin margaritas for lunch.

AND I have tomorrow off so today is my Friday!

I found out that the London Tea Room is adding 3 new breakfast sandwiches to their menu. AM I DREAMING OR WHAT YOU GUYS

Thursday night = good TV during my workout. Whee!


Tomorrow I’ll be doing a lot of cleaning, which sucks, but I will also be CHEESE SHOPPING.

I will absolutely not be weighing myself, but maybe I can get in a good run at the Y or my mom’s house.

THEN I’m going to Kendra’s house for a movie marathon! (With a Healthy Snacks Only rule – awesome.) I love hanging out with Kendra and Jane.



Next week I’ll have to kick off my thirties with more cleaning, a hangover, and hella fiber, but this week makes it worth it.


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3 responses to “My Twenties Are Not Going Out Without A Fight

  1. Jane

    I am so freakin’ happy for you!!!
    Tomorrow night will be great…complete with healthy snacking and watching movies that I love, but shouldn’t. You do realize what we are watching, don’t you?

  2. Yes, I do and I’m psyched … I just, uh, didn’t want to mention it here.

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