Post High Hiatus

My Grilled Cheese Party went awesome! So awesome, in fact, that a friend created an event for a Mac ‘n Cheese party not even 24 hours later. Several people joked that I should send a cease and desist letter. Haha.

HOWEVER, after such an awesome week last week, I crashed hard. Partly hormone related, partly the same negative people who have been putting me down a lot lately. I’m not dealing well with the shift in emotions. I watched two hours of TV while sitting on the couch tonight. These days, that’s a bad sign.

Oh crap, I have to think of a new goal for February, don’t I? UUUGGGHHHH WHY IS LIFE SO HAAAARD

This must be what people feel like the day after they take E – totally leveled after a serotonin explosion.

I guess my point is, I’ll write about the party later. Tonight I drink beer and eat leftover cheese and cry a lot, sometimes for angry stuff, sometimes for no reason.

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