Grilled Cheese Party!

I’m not sure how the idea came to me. I’ve always wanted to have people over for barbecues, but living in a loft makes that impossible. I had been brainstorming ideas for a good party, and then one day I wanted a grilled cheese, and then one day both thoughts hit my brain at the same time, I guess. I’m actually surprised it took this long because I always want a grilled cheese.

And then I turned 30. And officially moved in. It was an excuse to go balls out, partywise.

Here’s the spread:

Cheese: American, Cheddar, Provolone, Pepper Jack, Gouda, Rosemary Asiago and English White Cheddar. Later, Ron brought White American and Colby.

Bread: Wonder Bread, Honey Wheat, Sourdough, Thick Cut (Texas Toast), and a Baguette cut up for mini Grilled Cheese samplers.

Fixins: Bacon, Tomato, Avocado, Figs, Caramelized Onions,Prosciutto, Artichoke Spread, Jalapenos, Honey Crisp Apples and Hot Sauce. Later I busted out Grape Jelly and Erin made an awesome jam that she can explain in the comments.

Trader Joe’s Tomato Soup was generously provided by Brent and Sarah.

Cookie Cake from Justin:

Justin also had a Bloody Mary Bar on his workbench!  He comes from a long line of Bloody Mary drinkers and had like 4 family recipes to choose from.

All in all, there were about 20 guests. There was enough food for everyone to build their fantasy grilled cheese (and another grilled cheese to see if it topped the first). The leftovers were perfect during the “great” “blizzard” on Tuesday.

My fantasy grilled cheese included white cheddar, figs and bacon. I made a similar one the next day with gouda, white american and chedder.

The most shocking part of my party was that everyone found free parking on the street. My neighborhood is packed every weekend by 7pm. Usually the building next door has weddings receptions on the top three floors  every Saturday. I was sad there weren’t any receptions on my birthday because drunk guests always stare at the lofts and get so excited when you wave at them; I thought my friends would get a kick out of that. But looking back, they probably appreciated the free parking spots more.

I got too many awesome gifts to list. I think my friends all liked the loft. Everyone got along. Chauncey was nice to people (aside from leaping onto Ron’s nuts) and didn’t attack folks when they peaked into the treehouse. No one left the stove on or set off the fire sprinklers. The screamy guy next door didn’t scream. No one got shot or mugged. I turned 30 ( wearing pigtails half the time in protest) and survived.

So, Justin had a TV Party where we watched classic episodes of people turning 30 and I rocked the Grilled Cheese Party … what should we do next? (I like bribing my friends to drive downtown.)

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EDITED TO ADD: I googled “Grilled Cheese Party” to see if a lot of people have done this, and apparently Martha Stewart suggested this on Oprah last October, including the part about the Bloody Mary Bar! Between my love of cheese and Justin’s heritage, I assure you the idea was organic. Y’all, I have a day job; I can’t keep up with those chicks. (Besides: rye, fontina, relish and arugula? I would not have missed those if I was copycatting. Dang.)



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5 responses to “Grilled Cheese Party!

  1. Kendra

    It was a top night! TOP NIGHT!

    And, I must say, everyone at work that I told about it was completely jealous of the idea. It was fantastical!

  2. Stephie

    Thanks! I was so glad you could come!!!

  3. Onion-fennel-apple jam. And I didn’t realize it until after I got home that night, but if you make it on your stove, your house smells like White Castles.

  4. Jane

    I had a complete blasty-blast! Terriffic idea. Of course, now I only want to eat grilled cheese and drink bloody marys…ah well. Maybe in a few weeks.

  5. Courtney

    Impressive turn out! It’s difficult to get that many people out to see our band, and that’s with five of us inviting people. You must be a pretty special lady. Great idea, too!

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