Between A Rock And A Sinus

Nothing new to tell you, really – I just have a rare breather this morning and miss the times when I would write in here daily. It felt like you guys were like my lunch table in the cafeteria; I had to update you on the dumbest of happenings every day. So get ready for some excitement filler:

The only cool thing that’s happened this week is that I’m at a 12 pound loss – that’s 30% of my goal! Yeah buddy! My pants are at that beautiful stage where they only fit fresh out of the dryer; otherwise they feel like they’re going to fall off me at any second. I love that. Today I feel cuter than I have in months.

These days, my life consists of  workworkwork, chores, Y, shower, tea, snuggle, read, bed. Every single weekday. My life has changed a lot and I’m going through a bit of a hibernation, or maybe a metamorphosis. I’m cocooned in this rigid routine while all the changes are happening, and it feels exciting even though on the surface it’s incredibly boring.

Though this week, a sinus infection has arrived to stir up some excitement, along with some sexy wheezing that appears when I’m a mile into my run at the Y. I’m seeing an allergy doctor on Tuesday to get some Chauncey advice, but if she thinks the Y wheezing is asthma then I’ll go to Dr. Chuck.

I don’t even have time for the creative writing I wanted to accomplish this month, though I was invited to join a writing workshop so my Year Plus goal isn’t a total loss. Maybe next time there’s a prompt, I’ll give it a shot. (Though, I think I’m still exhausted from all those Advanced Writing Workshops I took in college – I’m a bit like, “Why the hell did I willingly walk into this when I’m just trying to enjoy writing?” We’ll see.

Justin had a Pills Night at TV Time and I pity everyone who missed it. Pill addict episodes from Diff’rent Strokes, Fresh Prince, 90210, Saved By The Bell, etc. So good. He may be reviving the “Gangs” theme from Rooftop TV; I can’t wait.

The other day I had a major cryfest about some stressful stuff. I felt pretty weak about it, but Justin made this awesome point that in the past two years, I’ve gotten rid of almost all my stress relievers. Smoking, alcohol, comfort food, Ativan, Ambien … I don’t turn to that stuff anymore;  I just run. And thanks to this new wheezing, the only stress reliever I have left is missing.

So while I was covered in snot and feeling like such an asshole (I haven’t cried from stress like that in years) he kept hugging me and saying that he was so proud of me for not trying to mask it with unhealthy junk. Isn’t that the best?

Today is our year and a half anniversary. My sinuses hurt like hell when I tilt my head up to kiss him, but I’ll d0 it anyway. I may be a boring loser right now, but I’m feeling pretty lucky.



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2 responses to “Between A Rock And A Sinus

  1. Jane

    12 pounds is AWESOME! Way to go!

  2. I missed all but the last episode of the Pills TV Time because I had a night class, but I was so happy I made it for the episode of Degrassi. I also had a horrible cryfest in the past week, that’s sweet J was there for you.

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