Rock Lobster

I WAS all excited to come back from my trip this weekend and tell you that I’ve lost 15 pounds, hitting a big milestone. But then this happened:

And this:

And this:

And then some mushroom truffles tag teamed with some butter to throw more carbs in the mix:

Not to mention 4 reislings. (Okay, 6 if you count right now.) And the giant German schnitzelthingy I had hours earlier at the Hofbräuhaus in Newport, not knowing what was in store for dinner.

Justin’s dad has a friend who, like, just for the hell of it treated us to a night at the Belterra Resort and Casino. He paid for our rooms (including a suite for Justin’s parents) and a dinner in the private room at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. “Order whatever you want. Go crazy,” he insisted. Um, okay?

The salad was so pretty!

The shrimp was as big as my head!

My lemon had a hairnet!

“Is that The Godfather on the wall??!”

“Do we get to drink all this wine?”



P.S. I AM AMAZING AT ROULETTE. I won $75 betting on my daddy’s birthday. What have the Tollivers done to me?



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2 responses to “Rock Lobster

  1. Dude. You look skinny. I would slap someone to lose chin weight that quick.

  2. secretlystephie

    Chin weight?! Thank you?!

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