I Am Stephie’s Body

I Am Stephie’s Allergies (and Paranoia)

Do any of you take Singulair? My allergy doctor just gave it to me to help with Chauncey sniffles and sexy treadmill wheezing.* Obviously I just scanned the list of side effects and am imagining all this potential swelling and nausea happening to me at once, while asleep because I have to take it at night. Will I live to see tomorrow, you guys?

Actually I have bigger problems; one of the warnings was to not take this medicine if you have phenylketonuria, a condition where you have to follow a special diet or you end up with mental retardation. WHAAAAAAAAT. How have I lived my entire life without worrying about this?

My biggest concern is that apparently it causes mood swings and makes people irritable, anxious and angry. I’ve taken medicine that resulted in mood swings before and it really scared me. I have a 30 day sample and a follow-up appointment so I guess we’ll see in a month, huh? (Please tell me if I’m being a jerk.)

I could google more, but I’ve been honing my self-control skills over the past two years and clearly I’m not a person who should look up medical stuff on the Internet.

I Am Stephie’s Genes (and Paranoia)

Somewhat related, I got the results of my 23andMe sample. Nothing too earth shattering. Apparently I am a descendant of white people in Europe noshit? I’m carrying one marker for a few different diseases but am not at risk for much stuff. I’m, like, 2% more likely than normal to develop esophageal cancer, but I just CT scanned my neck so I don’t have to worry about that for a few years.

I’m realizing now that if the results had been worse, combined with my technology-induced hypochondria, that kit could’ve put me in the looney bin. That was close.

I Am Stephie’s Tummy (and Bangin Ass!)

Back to superficial stuff – I finally lost the 4 pounds I gained from last weekend (did I mention the Sunday breakfast buffet? I Ron-Swansoned a breakfast buffet). I can’t believe it only took 2 days to recover. WORTH IT.

So … I’m at a 14 lb. loss right now (35% of my goal)! I’ll hit at least 15 by the end of the week. It should be no problem, considering I’ll be able to run now! (Unless I flip over a treadmill in a fit of Singulair-induced rage.)

*She told me to stay away from Chauncey, too. Talk to the paw, lady. Not gonna happen. (This is especially hilarious if you know about the top secret endeavor I’ve been up to lately.)



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5 responses to “I Am Stephie’s Body

  1. Jane

    I do NOT know about the top secret endeavor, and am feeling a little left out. Keep up the good work Stephie! You are definitely inspiring me to do better. I am restarting P90X next week!

  2. Stephie

    You DO know about the top secret endeavor; you emailed me and asked about it yesterday! (P.S. It went awesome! Now I wait 2 weeks!)

    I am so proud of you, and I am totally borrowing that P90X when you get sick of it! (I’ll lend you Insanity!) Burning all these extra calories means we get to have a Happy Hour soon, right?

  3. Jen

    I’ve taken singulair before for my allergies (also at night). I had no side effects. I didn’t notice it at all.

  4. secretlystephie

    Awesome! Thanks Jen!

  5. “phenylketonuria, a condition where you have to follow a special diet or you end up with mental retardation. WHAAAAAAAAT. How have I lived my entire life without worrying about this?”
    I felt the same way when I heard that the onset of schizophrenia does not occur until early or mid-20s. For 3 weeks I experienced sheer terror every time I heard a faint noise or saw movement in my peripheral vision.

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