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March Plus: A New Job!

YUP! For the 2 readers who didn’t hear it directly from me, I got a new job! More specifically, my dream job. I’ve known about it for a few weeks, but I had to wait for all the paperwork, background checks, and everything else before I could put in my two weeks. Which I just did. WOO!

Back in December and January,  I was literally crying about my current work situation every day and it was taking such a toll on me. One night when I was still at my mom’s house, I was having trouble sleeping (which hadn’t happened in months, surprisingly). I was full of stress and anxiety and anger and I couldn’t relax. I decided to check this company’s website on a whim (they rarely have openings because no one wants to leave) and there it was.

And while I haven’t really believed it until this very second, the tiny optimist that lives inside my pinky toe said, “You got this.” I stayed up two more hours updating my resume and cover letter. It was 3:35 am when I finally hit  “submit”.

It’s for one of the biggest companies in the world, so it would probably be really dumb to say the name of the company or get too detailed here. (Oh, and whatever I write here will never reflect the views of my employer and all that jazz.) But I will list a few (of the million) awesome things about this place.

1. It’s downtown like me, so I no longer have to drive across the entire city and county of St. Louis every day. I will save millions in gas and get an hour of my life back. Justin suggested taking popular downtown transportation like a bike rickshaw or a horse-drawn carriage. (Realistically, on nice days he will drop me off in the morning and I’ll walk home.)

2. I will no longer be the only copywriter at my work, which means I will no longer be the only person forced to explain why something is terribly written, why this apostrophe goes here, what semicolons are for, etc. I feel like the Bee Girl at the end of the “No Rain” video.

3. I can take dogs to work. There is a dogpark. This means I have to get a dog, right?

4. It is voted one of the best places to work in St. Louis every single year, and often it’s among the best in the country.

5. The people there are hilarious and brilliant and amazing. Plus, I’ll have a Creative Director! My agency friends may be groaning, but trust me, having one is better than having … what I currently have. It will be awesome to work for someone who really encourages me to grow and think and challenge myself. It’s all the best parts of an agency, plus the job security and benefits of, you know, other jobs.

6. NO MORE PR. They have people for that.

7. My dad worked at this company for 25 years. Here he is at some parade thing that they used to throw in the seventies:

I put that picture on my cover letter, which I’m sure is 60% of the reason I landed the job.

(If you’ve guessed where, please don’t type it in the comments. The less googleable I am, the better.)(God bless that actress with the same name as me.)

So, I’m aware that this was painfully obvious and I’ve “announced” it like 6,000 times already, but it ain’t complete until I say it here:



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Who’s Got Two Thumbs and Something Something Something?

I can’t officially write about my Top Secret Mission for another 287 hours, notthatanyone’scounting. But it’s 90% official at this point; there are forms in the mail and dates set and everything. Just waiting on some results (and waiting and waiting and waiting) and then I have to tell some people before I can tell the Internet.

And seriously, people. I am bad at being vague. You already know it by now, probably because I told you. But anyway, I miss you. Hi!


I’ve been running 3-5 miles a day at the Y. I’ve decided that 4 is a good number to stick with for my normal workout, but once I get that far, I just want to go for it, you know? Much like my Top Secret Mission, I never thought I would be able to run 5 miles without stopping. Ever.

I have a buddy at the Y; his name is Joseph and he looks and acts just like Shaun T from Insanity. He likes to look at the distance on my treadmill and exclaim, “Oh, you did not. Oh my god.” Justin does not like this Joseph character.


I went to church a couple weeks ago! I went to the Christ Church that likes gay people. It was okay. The congregation was tiny. Honestly, it felt exactly like the time I went to Quaker Church only with talking. You guys, I grew up in these giant born again megachurches with people speaking in tongues and dancing and yelling; I think everything else feels unsatisfying simply because it’s so quiet.

I may hit up the Catholic church by my loft next. I thought about hitting up Journey in South City because it seemed like the churches I grew up with, only more liberal. But I’m Facebook friends with a guy who goes there, and we get in these exhausting online debates every time he says something ridiculous about gay people. Do you guys know of any megachurches who like gay people? Why is this so hard? (Well, I know why. But ugh.)


Brent and Sarah gave me Sea Monkeys for my birthday and they are all pregnant now. Justin and I are afraid that they will take over the loft, and we’ll come home and find Chauncey duct-taped to a chair.


Still haven’t lost 20 pounds. The weekend before last I hung out with tons of friends (Ron’s birthday on Friday, then Ty and Peter came to town to drunk-stalk me on Saturday). This weekend, there was a lot of celebrating (which these days is, like, 3 Michelob Ultra Lime Cacti). Justin and I have also been on this mission to eat our way through Washington Avenue. We hit up Rosalita’s Cantina for chimichangas and 20 oz. margaritas the other day and it was totally worth whatever I weighed the day after. Justin and I aren’t bar people or club people, so despite our address we don’t usually get inebriated and walk home from places. It was fun!

But heck, now that I’ve gone ahead and achieved my Top Secret Mission, I’m confident enough to kick these last few pounds in the ass (and then moving on to the other 20 pounds). Just … one more margarita.

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Meletonin Is One Hell Of A Drug

Once again, I had an insane dream that was hilarious to me, but would be totally boring for you to read about (PEOPLE: WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR DREAMS).

AND much like before, there’s a situation I am dying to tell you about (though I’ve told most of you in real life already) and my dream was packed full of symbols that relate directly to it. So rather than tell you the situation, I’ll tell you about the symbols in the dream.

Important to Note: I have recently resolved a very bad situation – one that I wrote about the same way here. It’s really awesome to read that entry (particularly the section about the woods) and then read about the symbols below. Dream Dictionaries may be cheesy, but they are beyond accurate; I will never doubt that. I get all my definitions from the Dream Moods Dictionary.

Dream in 50 words or less: I was walking somewhere, and a baby elephant appeared out of nowhere. I rode him to where I was going. Also, at one point I was trapped in a creepy hoarder house with walls covered in paintings.

Symbol: A Baby Elephant

To see a baby in your dream, signifies innocence, warmth and new beginnings.  If you find a baby in your dream, then it suggests that you have acknowledged your hidden potential.

To dream that you are riding an elephant, indicates that you are in control of your unconscious and aspects that you were once afraid of. The elephant is also a symbol of power, strength, faithfulness and intellect.

Symbol: Paintings

To see a painting in your dream, represents creativity and your need for self-expression. The painting is symbolic of your intuition and inner realizations.

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I can’t tell you about my Top Secret Mission just yet, but I can tell you:



Just to give you an idea of how awesome this is, my mom cried, my grandma cried, and my brother said, “Dad would be so proud of you,” and then I cried.

(I am not engaged and/or pregnant.)

I will write more about it in a week! But you can totally IM my ass!


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Feelings Update

Not quite here yet:

But so far my top secret mission (which you can totally call/email/IM me and ask about) is going amazing. Thursday and Friday were pretty:

Oh, my March Year Plus goal is the Top Secret Mission. So … I can’t really write about it until it’s over. I should have more news this week.


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