April Plus: Saying “I Guess” To The Dress

So I’ve been on this weight loss kick for a while, but in March I really slacked off. Mostly because I weigh less than I’ve weighed in almost three years, so I have this newfound confidence and I feel amazing. I’ve been much less apprehensive about eating/drinking great stuff.

AND, in the process of revealing my new job to everyone I know one by one, I’ve been in celebration mode for over two weeks. Everybody wants to take me out to lunch! Everyone wants to buy me a drink! People are driving me to wineries! A 600-calorie tequila slurpie? Yes please!

So while I haven’t gained any weight, I’ve been balancing between a 15 and 17 lb. loss, and I really want to get my ass in gear.

What’s the dress about? Well, I’m not going to be Mrs. Tolliver any time soon (and when that happens, I’m wearing green). I’m going to be a bridesmaid for my cousin in September. I have to wear a strapless hot pink dress and have my make-up done by the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders’ cosmotolagist, so I am going to look like a drag queen no matter what, I think.

But I have to get fitted for the dress by the end of this month, and after that I won’t be able to lose more than 10 pounds without the dress no longer fitting. So I want to get within 15 pounds of my goal by then. I can lose 10 more over the summer. (I can handle being 5 pounds over my goal til September … I don’t remember ever weighing that little in my life, so I may even stop there.)

SOOO, as of today, I need to lose 9 more pounds. I’m not expecting to lose all of it, but I took a month off and I can’t afford to do that again.

I’ll still celebrate and enjoy good food, but rather than just taking a “day off” with the BodyBugg, I’m going to attempt to make up every extra calorie at the Y. It’s going to be hard, but I went a month without cheese! I threw a concert! I scored my dream job! I do what I want!

I should add that I just want to weigh within the range that every doctor and healthy chart suggests (my priorities are now in their thirties, too), so I’m aiming for the number in the middle. If you’re doing the math above, I wanted to lose 40 pounds, though losing 35 will still keep me in the healthy range. I might look weird if I lose any more, anyway.


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