Spanx For The Memories

On Saturday, Justin, Sarah, Brent and I went to the St. Louis premiere of The Pruitt-Igoe Myth. It was extremely powerful. For those of you who don’t know, Pruitt-Igoe was a public housing development  that took up 57 acres of downtown St. Louis for over 20 years. The goal was to create a utopian environment (it was designed by Minoru Yamasaki, the architect behind the World Trade Center). It started out that way, but ended with tragic results.

The image of the Pruitt-Igoe’s demise is very famous; it was often seen as the death of modern architecture.

The screening was really heavy, and many of the former residents that he interviewed were in the audience and spoke up during the Q&A session. It’s going to be on the festival circuit for a while, and then he hopes to make it to PBS. Catch it whenever you have a chance!


I finally caved and bought actual spandex pants to run in (as opposed to baggy Target yoga pants). I was hesitant to show downtown St. Louis how bangin’ my ass really is (and the homeless guy who cried, “Daaaaaaamn” the second I stepped out the door didn’t help) but I made it to the Y and back alive. And holy crap, I ran so much in between!

I haven’t run in over a week because I pulled some muscle in my thigh, so I wasn’t expecting to run more than three miles on Saturday, but I ran five miles easily, in record time! I could’ve run seven, but I had to get home to Justin and I have a tendency to overdo things like that, anyway. I have the feeling I’ll be able to run ten miles by the end of the summer. Hooray for spandex!

During the week I couldn’t run, Justin and I did a ton of downtown walking. One night we walked to the stadium to watch a game with Jen and Ron (I’ll miss you, corporate Redbird Club tickets!), and one night we walked all the way to the riverfront and back. (If you’ve never walked all the way down to the Poplar Street Bridge, I, uh, don’t recommend it. Lots of dudes sitting in their cars doing lord knows what.) This week we’re going to walk to my new work building and back so I can see what I’m getting into.

I can take the Downtown Trolley to work, too! My life is getting hilariously fun.

(Yes, I realize it’s not a trolley. Much like children and my boyfriend, I’ll forgive abuse of the English language if you’re adorable.)


Justin and I have finally finished the Buffy/Wire Club. 12 seasons of legendary TV in the can. We haven’t decided what shows to watch next, but Breaking Bad and Mad Men are on the list. He’s pushing News Radio and I’m pushing Veronica Mars and Battlestar Gallactica. We’ll see.


My April Plus goal is going … all right. My cousin is letting us choose our bridesmaid dresses (they just have to be fuchsia and white, by the same designer) and I found a super cute one that won’t fall off of me if I go ahead and lose the other 20 lbs. anyway. So while the pressure’s off, I’m still aiming to lose as much as possible before the fitting.

My jeans officially don’t fit anymore, even fresh out of the dryer. WOO!


This is my last week at my current job! It’s starting to sink in how much I will miss all of these people. Aside from two people, I really love everyone here. This has been my family for the last six years and it’s going to be so hard to say goodbye.


Davy is finally screening My Heart is An Idiot around the country, and they’re coming here at the end of the month. One reason I’m glad that I’m leaving my job is that I won’t be stuck at the Quilt Festival in Paducah, Kentucky at the end of the month, so I’ll be able to go.

It will be weird to introduce Justin to Davy because … well, you know … but it’ll be so nice to see him. Also, I saw on Facebook that my ex best friend is going? I’m sort of dreading running into her in that kind of environment, but I’m determined to not let her ruin anything else for me ever again.

Finally, I’m in this week’s Extra Hot Great podcast – I submitted an episode of Freaks and Geeks into the EHG Canon! Woo!


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  1. Jane

    Congratulations on joining the be-spandexed running community! Awesome job on the 5 miles too!

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