Chicky Chicky Parm Parm

I’m busy shrinking, sweating, getting my Fringe on and and writing writing writing. My new co-workers are cool as hell. I’m running farther than ever. Fauxlivia is kidnapped and pregnant. Life is exciting! But also slow.

This weekend, Jen and Katie and I hung out til two in the morning. We even outlasted cool Sarah! I ended up staying up the entire night to adjust my circadian rythem; it was my first all-nighter at the loft and it was pretty fun.

I bought gas a month ago and I haven’t even gone through half a tank, and that includes two trips to Illinois. Justin is in Mad Scientist mode with animation stuff, which frees me up to wander aimlessly around downtown (just remind me to never walk to the 17th and Olive 7-11 ever again because hoooboy).

I’m currently using all my mindgrapes elsewhere with projects for work, freelance, and myself, so this bullcrap is all you’re gonna get at the moment.

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