Friday Night Frowns

So now that I’m done with Fringe, I thought I would finally check out Friday Night Lights. It’s great so far.

But, um, I’ve been in a pretty fragile place lately for a lot of reasons that I don’t feel like explaining. And FNL seems like a show that’s pretty sad and heavy in general. The parts with newly-paralyzed Street and Matt’s Grandma, especially, are hitting way too close to home for me.

My question is, does this show lighten up at all? Because if not, I don’t think I can do this, no matter how many great things I’ve heard. I’m four episodes in and I feel like I need some meds. I ran seven miles today and if these endorphins can’t get me through it, nothing can.

I miss Walter Bishop already. He tugs at my heartstrings sometimes, but then he takes acid and gets silly. Should I just start Fringe over?

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