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And If I Haver

I ran 100 miles in a month!

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The Black Hole

What black hole? The one in my mouth–and my wallet–thanks to this cyst.

See my three teeth? That entire black circle above them is my cyst. Basically, I have a marble-sized hole in my gums. This is not counting for how far back the cyst stretches, which I won’t know until I see the oral surgeon.

Today I found out that I have to have bone grafting material injected into the hole (that’swhatshesaid). And guys, I googled this and threw up already so you don’t have to. Trust me. S’gross.

The only plus side is that when I get old and my teeth fall out and need to be titanium-screwed back into my head (… because this will happen to us, you guys), there will be somewhere to actually screw.

I’m really pissed off about this for a number of reasons:

1. I was doing so awesome at kicking my debt’s ass, and this will erase months and months of work, not to mention the Year Plus goal I had planned for July.

2. I’ve never had an actual surgery before and have a mild fear of dying in my sleep, so look forward to reading all about my panic attack before going under.

3. Someday I will have to have my teeth screwed back into my head. I’m sure there are many unforseen horrors of aging yet to come, but I was not prepared for that.

4. I got dropped on my face almost ten years ago and have been paying for it ever since. And today I realized that I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

5. Did I tell you guys that, unrelated to the tooth*, I’m already buggin because I have to get a biopsy on a freckle in 2 weeks for possible melanoma? I’m mostly worried because (and I know this is dumb) the biopsy is on my niece’s birthday. My dad found out about his first leg amputation on his birthday, had the second amputation on my grandma’s birthday, and went to the emergency room on my birthday. So, birthdays and medical conditions are kind of an issue for me.

So that’s what I’m dealing with today. I’m not going to totally freak out about anything until I get the full details of prices/procedures/diagnoses (aren’t you proud of me?) but I can’t help but feel frustrated and exhausted.

I mean, I only have 2.5 miles left to run before I hit 100, and I don’t want to do it today! I feel like with today’s luck, I would sprain my ankle on the walk to the Y.

*I guess they’re sort of related, since all the tooth drama is because of an ex-boyfriend and the freckle is on my vagina.

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Live, From The Bathtub

My Napa coverage has once again been preempted to tell you that I just completed a decade-long goal:

I ran 10 straight miles!

Even crazier: I ran all 10 at a 5.2 pace! Do you have any idea how short my legs are? Is this real life?

I should also note that my iPod battery was on red for the last hour, which is like the modern day equivalent of an Old Testament miracle.

(Fourfour gif, duh)

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Party Like It’s 1999, Hungover Like It’s 2027

Maaan, I was going to write more about Napa yesterday, but the entire day kicked my butt, and I’m still recovering today.

It started with a bang at midnight, when a huge car crash happened outside our loft. The horns on both cars were stuck for about a half hour, waking us up and driving us insane:

THEN I got up at the crack of dawn for something awesome (sleepy, but so awesome): Jane’s triathalon!

Even with plantar fasciitis, she rocked the whole thing and finished 8th in her division. We were so proud of her! Hanging out with Jane, Jenny and Kendra so early in the morning, surrounded by gorgeous Innsbrook, made me feel like I was in Napa all over again. Also: her mom was there–my first grade teacher! Yay!

That night, Ty–yes, prom date Ty–turned 30!

The entire gang was together again for the first time since Warren’s wedding. Needless to say, it got a little insane. Justin finally got to see my high school friends in action. Fortunately, he didn‘t see anyone streak though the room. Maybe those guys are growing up after all.

We started the night at Duffy’s but ended up at Ice & Fuel for the first time in at least 3 years. We pushed 4 tables together and took over the whole place, just like we did every Monday for years and years.

Despite Napa and last night’s events, I don’t really drink anymore and therefore am very out of practice. I didn’t drink enough water and woke up today with a mother of a hangover.

Chauncey looks the way I feel today.

I’ve run 81 miles so far, which means that because I took today off, I’ll have to run 5 miles a day for the next 4 days in order to do this. It will be torture, but I sort of deserve it for last night. Thankfully, Justin took care of me today.

P.S. I KNEW I would get some sort of ribbing for being the last of the group without a spouse or a baby. And it happened, a lot. But Justin took it like a champ, haha. I love him so much!

Okay, I’ll try to write about Napa now.


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A Long, Creamy Finish*

How do I sum up Napa? It’s been so long since I’ve been on a legit vacation that I’m a little out of practice. And man, I forgot how great a vacation feels. I’m tan, relaxed, well fed, and happy after so much quality time with good friends. Honestly, I haven’t had such a great trip since my weekend trips all over Europe in 2001.

Oh and I’m debt free, at least as far as the trip is concerned–I saved up tons of money before I left so I could spend as much cash as I wanted without worrying about my budget or getting hit with a massive credit card bill later. It’s the only way I’ll travel.

I roomed with Jane and Ginger, who are both so easy going and hilarious. Kendra is of course a rock star (both for her planning/driving, and being awesome overall) and new-to-me friends Serena and Jenny were both sweet and so much fun. (Serena especially has the most infectious giggle I’ve ever heard.)

I ended up running 12 miles (though, the 7 miles on Father’s Day were mostly therapy), bringing my June total to 65 so far. I’m slacking tonight to go to the Botanical Gardens, but I’ll be back on track (or rather, treadmill) tomorrow. I thought I would return home with some extra fat, but I’m basically the same as when I left. I suffered through three–THREE!–charley horses one night, but a banana split the next day cleared that right up. SCIENCE!

We went to 9 wineries (10 if you count a return to our favorite), 2 incredible restaurants (the rest weren’t that notable), 2 awesome shopping joints, and we spent about an hour at various spots around the Golden Gate Bridge.

Oh! And I flew over the Grand Canyon! The last time that happened was in 1993 when my family took a little plane tour and I barfed through the entire thing.

I have to leave to go to the Gardens, but I think tomorrow or Friday I’ll give out some awards to the places we visited and share more specific memories and stories.

*We got non-stop church giggles during some of our tastings from all the innuendos. In fact, I’d say we were downright perverted, and this means a lot coming from me considering the fact that I lived with frat boys for five years.


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And Now A Word From The Future Mrs. Riggins

It was a pretty awesome weekend for both me and Justin. Justin’s film was accepted into the St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase! It’s screening at the Tivoli in August, with a chance to screen at the St. Louis International Film Festival later in the year. He’s practically beaming, which is all I can ask for, really.

Me? I ran 8 miles in one go for the first time in my life. (I did it once a few years ago, but I walked a mile in the middle.) As my buddy Joseph said, “You ran eight miles here?! No one runs eight miles here!” I’ve never seen double digits on the treadmill before!

I’ve run 53 miles so far. I feel like I miiiight be able to make it to 100, but now my issue is more about time. Saturdays and Sundays are my long run days, and I’ve only got one available Sunday left. I’d have to run over 5 miles a day on all my free days to do this. I’m not going to kill myself over a dumb goal that I only set to entertain myself, but I’m still psyched to try. I may even hit up the gym at my hotel in Napa, if Kendra’s superstar itinerary allows it. 🙂 (Shoot, with dinner at the Culinary Institute, I’ll need to go anyway.)

My partner at work had a girl’s night at her house and it was so much fun! My new friends at work are so awesome … I really lucked out getting placed with the team that’s perfect for me. They’re a lot like me, only much cooler, which is how most of my friends are. I go to work every day feeling very fortunate to spend my time with them … and I usually leave feeling very, very full because we hit up places like Pho Grand for lunch.

I will probably finish Season 4 of Friday Night Lights before I leave for Napa. I was about to say it’s gotten a lot happier and awesome, and I shit you not, as I was typing that, my (other) favorite character just found out that his dad died. So … business as usual for FNL!

Speaking of Napa and dads, I didn’t realize until this week that I’ll be spending my first Father’s Day without him in California, drunk on wine and cheese. I guess if I can’t have him back, I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend the day. (Though, knowing me, you will probably get a sad entry about him eventually.)

I have to travel a lot for work, so I finally invested in a little red Swiss suitcase that I’m breaking in on Friday. I’m so excited!

P.S. “I’m gonna tell you something, all right? And you can’t tell it to anyone else. My mother never took me shopping for a pageant gown and because of that, I never placed in Miss Texas. That’s why I got into football. That’s fact.”
– Tim Riggins

Via What Would Riggins Do?, where you’ll be able to find me for the next hour or so.

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Guess Who’s 7 Today?

Secretly Stephie, the blog formerly known as Shortcake. Hooray!

Is this a bad time to tell you that, thanks to walking miles in heels for my job and busting out 20 miles in 3 days, my stress fracture has been acting up and I might not make it to 100 miles?

Hell, at the rate my social life has been going (Lunch at Fritanga! Meetings at Bittersweet! Dinner by superchef Kim! Sloppy drunk Korean karaoke! Napa Valley!), let’s hope I can make it to “Still Fitting In These Pants”. Oof.

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Wheezy Breezy

I ran 20 miles this weekend, bringing my June mile tally to 25. Yup.

Today, I’m taking a break. I deserve nonstop Friday Night Lights and ice cream sandwiches tonight, right? Besides, I’m currently buried under a cat blanket and will be consumed by wheezy hives in about 30 seconds. Worth it.

Other fun stuff: I finally saw Bridesmaids (with Jen! Yay!), had a 5-hour Happy Hour at Atomic Cowboy (where I bumped into awesome Adrienne from college!), ate at Mizo with friends from work (’bout time I start exploring the 6,000 incredible restaurants on my street), AND my partner at work gave me FREE Mumford & Sons tickets. I saw them last night (and Jane!) and they rocked!

Okay, I’m tired of typing one-handed; time to rub some Benadryl on my nose.

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June Plus: 100 Miles

I’m going to run 100 miles this month. I really want to run a marathon every week (you know, over the course of 7 days), but with Napa in the picture, 131 miles is a stretch. Maybe next month or August. 100 miles is sadly all that I have time for, but again, with Napa in the picture that’s what I need the most. My short little legs can finally handle a 5.5 pace, so I’m psyched to see what I can do.

I know most of these goals have been fitness related, but these days it’s what makes me the happiest and I have to fit into a fuchsia dress in 3 months (and as an ex 14-year smoker and chubby kid who skipped gym, it totally cracks me up).

5 miles down, 95  to go. I have a Happy Hour in my honor (and awesome Liz’s honor) tonight, but I’ll try to knock out at least 15 over the weekend.

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“Will You Be My Gurlfriend?”

Okay, I’ve over my Friday Night Lights issues. These two are killing me.

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