June Plus: 100 Miles

I’m going to run 100 miles this month. I really want to run a marathon every week (you know, over the course of 7 days), but with Napa in the picture, 131 miles is a stretch. Maybe next month or August. 100 miles is sadly all that I have time for, but again, with Napa in the picture that’s what I need the most. My short little legs can finally handle a 5.5 pace, so I’m psyched to see what I can do.

I know most of these goals have been fitness related, but these days it’s what makes me the happiest and I have to fit into a fuchsia dress in 3 months (and as an ex 14-year smoker and chubby kid who skipped gym, it totally cracks me up).

5 miles down, 95  to go. I have a Happy Hour in my honor (and awesome Liz’s honor) tonight, but I’ll try to knock out at least 15 over the weekend.


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