Wheezy Breezy

I ran 20 miles this weekend, bringing my June mile tally to 25. Yup.

Today, I’m taking a break. I deserve nonstop Friday Night Lights and ice cream sandwiches tonight, right? Besides, I’m currently buried under a cat blanket and will be consumed by wheezy hives in about 30 seconds. Worth it.

Other fun stuff: I finally saw Bridesmaids (with Jen! Yay!), had a 5-hour Happy Hour at Atomic Cowboy (where I bumped into awesome Adrienne from college!), ate at Mizo with friends from work (’bout time I start exploring the 6,000 incredible restaurants on my street), AND my partner at work gave me FREE Mumford & Sons tickets. I saw them last night (and Jane!) and they rocked!

Okay, I’m tired of typing one-handed; time to rub some Benadryl on my nose.

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One response to “Wheezy Breezy

  1. Janet

    20 miles this weekend? holy crap. I applaud you.

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