A Long, Creamy Finish*

How do I sum up Napa? It’s been so long since I’ve been on a legit vacation that I’m a little out of practice. And man, I forgot how great a vacation feels. I’m tan, relaxed, well fed, and happy after so much quality time with good friends. Honestly, I haven’t had such a great trip since my weekend trips all over Europe in 2001.

Oh and I’m debt free, at least as far as the trip is concerned–I saved up tons of money before I left so I could spend as much cash as I wanted without worrying about my budget or getting hit with a massive credit card bill later. It’s the only way I’ll travel.

I roomed with Jane and Ginger, who are both so easy going and hilarious. Kendra is of course a rock star (both for her planning/driving, and being awesome overall) and new-to-me friends Serena and Jenny were both sweet and so much fun. (Serena especially has the most infectious giggle I’ve ever heard.)

I ended up running 12 miles (though, the 7 miles on Father’s Day were mostly therapy), bringing my June total to 65 so far. I’m slacking tonight to go to the Botanical Gardens, but I’ll be back on track (or rather, treadmill) tomorrow. I thought I would return home with some extra fat, but I’m basically the same as when I left. I suffered through three–THREE!–charley horses one night, but a banana split the next day cleared that right up. SCIENCE!

We went to 9 wineries (10 if you count a return to our favorite), 2 incredible restaurants (the rest weren’t that notable), 2 awesome shopping joints, and we spent about an hour at various spots around the Golden Gate Bridge.

Oh! And I flew over the Grand Canyon! The last time that happened was in 1993 when my family took a little plane tour and I barfed through the entire thing.

I have to leave to go to the Gardens, but I think tomorrow or Friday I’ll give out some awards to the places we visited and share more specific memories and stories.

*We got non-stop church giggles during some of our tastings from all the innuendos. In fact, I’d say we were downright perverted, and this means a lot coming from me considering the fact that I lived with frat boys for five years.



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