Party Like It’s 1999, Hungover Like It’s 2027

Maaan, I was going to write more about Napa yesterday, but the entire day kicked my butt, and I’m still recovering today.

It started with a bang at midnight, when a huge car crash happened outside our loft. The horns on both cars were stuck for about a half hour, waking us up and driving us insane:

THEN I got up at the crack of dawn for something awesome (sleepy, but so awesome): Jane’s triathalon!

Even with plantar fasciitis, she rocked the whole thing and finished 8th in her division. We were so proud of her! Hanging out with Jane, Jenny and Kendra so early in the morning, surrounded by gorgeous Innsbrook, made me feel like I was in Napa all over again. Also: her mom was there–my first grade teacher! Yay!

That night, Ty–yes, prom date Ty–turned 30!

The entire gang was together again for the first time since Warren’s wedding. Needless to say, it got a little insane. Justin finally got to see my high school friends in action. Fortunately, he didn‘t see anyone streak though the room. Maybe those guys are growing up after all.

We started the night at Duffy’s but ended up at Ice & Fuel for the first time in at least 3 years. We pushed 4 tables together and took over the whole place, just like we did every Monday for years and years.

Despite Napa and last night’s events, I don’t really drink anymore and therefore am very out of practice. I didn’t drink enough water and woke up today with a mother of a hangover.

Chauncey looks the way I feel today.

I’ve run 81 miles so far, which means that because I took today off, I’ll have to run 5 miles a day for the next 4 days in order to do this. It will be torture, but I sort of deserve it for last night. Thankfully, Justin took care of me today.

P.S. I KNEW I would get some sort of ribbing for being the last of the group without a spouse or a baby. And it happened, a lot. But Justin took it like a champ, haha. I love him so much!

Okay, I’ll try to write about Napa now.



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2 responses to “Party Like It’s 1999, Hungover Like It’s 2027

  1. Janet

    u lookin good bb!

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