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Tummy Interrupted

I spent 13 hours yesterday with the guys who made this, and it was so much fun. I love my job so much!

Somewhat related (because if you give me awesome food, I will destroy it as demonstrated above), this is the last week I have to shrink before my fitting–AND I have to save up a billion dollars for my surgery–so if you need me, I’ll be at work, at the Y, or locked in my loft watching Dr. Who.

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I Am Stephie’s Body (Revisited)

I Am Stephie’s Cyst

And I will cost $2,000 and three days off work to fix!

The bad news (I mean, the other bad news) is that the cyst goes all the way back to my palatte and up to my sinus cavity. I saw a 3D x-ray of my skull; it was f*cking horrifying. The good news is that my surgeon thinks the bone can heal itself, so he’s just going to rip open the roof of my mouth and clean it out. I don’t have to go under if I don’t want to, but I probably will (after a minor panic attack).

Maybe the guy who dropped me on my face has won the lottery since the last time we spoke? That would be nice. At least I get to eat ice cream for three days straight.

I Am Stephie’s Freckle

And I’m not melanoma! 

I Am Stephie’s Cervix

And I have pre-cancerous cells, which are spooky but very common, and 7 out of 8 times they go away. F*ck off, pre-cancerous cells!

I Am Stephie’s Circadian Rhythm

And I am all kinds of f*cked up!

Having tons of trouble sleeping, but I’ve also gone over 11 months without prescription sleeping pills, so I’m just going to be even more disciplined than usual and hope for the best.

I Am Stephie’s Legs

And I can run 6 miles in 63 minutes! F*ck you, Cyst!

*You can tell how I’m doing financially by how many F-bombs I drop in an entry.


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Harry Potter World Premiere

When I was in London in 2001, I roomed with this awesome girl named Kacy. She suggested Harry Potter  to me any time I needed a new book, but English majors can be dickishly superior about popular books, so I would always turn her down. That is, until I flew to Rome for Fall Break. I read the first one on the flight over and was so hooked that by the time we landed, I shelled out about 50,000 lire for an English version of book 2. After we got back, I locked myself in our room for about a week and finished books 3 and 4.

So when Kacy asked me if I wanted to go to the World Premiere a few days later, I said sure. For some reason, I thought we were going to watch the movie. Little did I know that we were heading down to Piccadilly Circus at 10 in the morning to watch them set up and hopefully grab seats in the grandstands.

We ended up hanging out with this kid named Simon who was dressed like Harry. All the reporters wanted to interview him, so that day you could see Kacy and I grinning in the background like fools on channels all over the world, including Telemundo. We were there so long that we ended up flirting with the bobbies and got wristbands to the grandstands–second row, right in front of the door!

I actually took home one of the posters below and kept it in my room til the end of the semester. If I had known what I know now, I would have paid to ship it home. Ugh.

We had primo seats to watch all the celebrities pose for the paparazzi. We only knew half of them, though. The little girl in front of us thought she was the shit as she haughtily explained who the people were. “She’s on Footballer’s Wives. He plays for Arsenal. Do you even know what Arsenal is?”

I had my boyfriend Tim’s camera, which took pictures on “film” that you had to “develop”. Also, you had to look though this little hole to see, and it did not zoom. So below are pictures of celebrities, some amazing and some awful. Some celebrities that were there that I didn’t get pictures of included Helen Hunt, Jessica Simpson and Ben Stiller.

I could show you which face is Daniel Radcliffe if I had MS Paint on this thing.



Hagrid! Robbie Coltrane was so awesome, the crowd ended up chanting, “Robbie! Robbie!” over and over, and the paparazzi took tons of pictures of us.

Fuzzy J.K. Rowling!

Madame Hooch!

Fuzzy Warwick Davis!

Fuzzy Fergie!

Baby Spice!


The highlight of the night was when Daniel Radcliffe started walking toward the front door. “Harry! Harry!” we all yelled, as his publicist shielded him from us. But just when he seemed like he was heading our way, we noticed something out of the corner of our eye. “Harry! Harry! Ha-CHER! OH MY GOD IT’S CHER!”

Cher looked as excited to see us as we were to see her. She looked amazing up close. She high-fived tons of people, INCLUDING ME, and then I got the most awesome picture of the day … so awesome that when William (the receptionist at Regents) saw it, he said, “You bitch.”

So that’s my story of the first Harry Potter. And last night I saw the last one with Jen, Ron and Justin. It was amazing, and not just because Neville Longbottom kicked ass.

I showed Justin all the previous films over the past month or two, and it was great reliving the whole thing and getting to experience the last one with him sitting next to me. (Good thing; I needed a shoulder to cry on and Jen was too busy crying on Ron’s.) This has been a huge part of my life for the last ten years, and even though I knew how it ended, it was touching to see it brought to life by these actors we’ve watched for the last 10 years, too. The fact that the entire cast was on board for eight films is pretty remarkable.

Oh, and SPOILER ALERT: Continue reading

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Lately I Love

Lynne Stone

About once a year, I’m reminded of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and I remember how much I wanted to be Helen Hunt’s character from that movie. A workman onesie with a scarf and a Davy Crockett hat? Lynne is more than a fashion inspiration; she’s a role model.

Tortoiseshell Watch

AAAGGGHHH! You guys! I’ve always loved tortoiseshell and have been dying for a tortoiseshell watch ever since I knew they existed. However, most tortoiseshell watches include either a gold face or fake diamonds all over it. Ew! Well, I finally found my dream watch, a tortoiseshell boyfriend Fossil with a black and silver face.

I’m on Fashion Cloud 9 over here. Most importantly, it matches my Abe Lincoln vs. Bigfoot t-shirt.

Veronica Mars

Justin suggested watching a few episodes of this to cheer me up the night before my biopsy-thingies (what is the word for when they chop you up and take pieces of you to run biopsies?). AAAAND now he’s hooked. We’re three discs in and I’m a happy lady.

(via starsweptnight)

Harry Potter Mania

There are a billion Harry Potter fans on Tumblr, and they’ve been filling up my dash with HP gems like this:

I can’t get enough of it. I will be seeing the last movie this weekend with Jen. She and I have seen five of the films together in the theater! (The other two were seen with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.)

Did you know I was at the world premiere of the very first Harry Potter film in London in 2001? Those pictures are mostly fuzzy and awful, but scanned and coming soon.

Grown-Up Neville Longbottom


Friday Night Lights Appreciation

The internet is also FNL-crazy, thanks to the end of the series. And my girl Tami Taylor, aka Connie Britton, has been nominated for an Emmy along with her TV husband! Isn’t that awesome, y’all?


That’s right, I’m plus’n. I’m having tons of fun with my 18 friends, thankyouverymuch. It reminds me of the very early days of MySpace where it was me, the Jersey Boys and half of LA. There were about 30 people from St. Louis on MySpace in the beginning, all strangers to me at the time, and I’m still friends with most of them.

Long Hair

I’ve been growing out my hair for my cousin’s wedding, and I’m having so much fun with it. It’s especially nice to wear it up at my new job, where I have to walk outdoors through a wind tunnel to get to meetings. Wind and heat will destroy my hair in 3 seconds flat. Speaking of, I’m enjoying the freedom of venturing outside in 102˙ weather and managing to look … well, not cute, but no worse than everyone else.

Who knows? I may grow it as long as it was in London! (I will part it from the side this time, I promise. And throw in some mousse. Middle Part. Never Forget.)

Terrible Movie Mondays

Justin is now working Monday nights, which means I go to the Redbox and get awfully-awesome teen movies that I would totally eat up on cable, if I had cable.

Guilder Nostalgia

I was trying to explain to someone how wonderfully fun Europe was pre-Euro. He was on the fence til I googled the Guilder. Look!

The watermark for this one was a bumblebee. I would be so good at saving money in a world with the Guilder–I would want to keep them all on my wall!

(Image from here–click for an awesome watermark picture!)



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Gimme Shelter

It’s been one year since my Dad died.

I’m taking a half day so I can check out the other Y location and get some running in. It’s still World War Fat, so I don’t plan on drowning my sorrows with wine or eating a lot of comfort food.

When the heat wave dies down–if it ever dies down–I plan on taking a solo trip to our family cabin to do some writing. I’ve been there many times, including to spread his ashes, but I feel like it’ll do me some good to be alone. (And it’s always relaxing when you have a stretch of the Meramec River all to yourself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I finished Life by Keith Richards last night. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s worth mentioning here because my Dad’s favorite band was The Rolling Stones. Honestly, the whole time I read it, I kept wishing that he was still alive or that the book had come out earlier, so I could’ve read it to him. I feel like it would have made that last year a little less miserable.

It’s not fair, but it will never stop being unfair and I’ll never stop wishing that he was around. I’ll just have to get used to that, I guess. Here’s his favorite song:

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July Plus: World War Fat

So … right after I declared The War On Fat, the Y decided to SHUT DOWN THE WEIGHT ROOM – with ALL THE TREADMILLS – for the rest of the month.

I could still run at the other downtown location, but I have to pay to park and it’s closed on weekends. It’s too hot to run outside, and too unsafe when you live downtown, anyway. I hate the idea of driving 15 – 20 minutes one way just to run, ‘specially in this heat.

Besides, after my two (PAINFUL!) procedures yesterday for two separate biopsies? I plan on spending all weekend laying on the couch.

I’m still going to work out–I’ve missed you, Insanity!–but this means my goal of a 1,000 calorie deficit is nearly impossible. So, I’ve decided the War on Fat is my goal for July. Just in time, I might add. Just in motherf%*^ing time.

The War on Fat has gone nuclear, my friends:

Oh, a free Qdoba nacho bar in the lobby at work? SKIPPED IT.

A lunch meeting at Rosalita’s, which has the best chimichangas in the world and where this has been known to happen? Veggie-only salad, while staring down guacamole and queso.

Justin just went on a couponing binge and bought 2 bags of tortilla chips, 10 boxes of cereal and s’mores fixins. What an asshole. My goal for the weekend? Ignoring all that shit all up in my kitchen. Can I do it? (Can I? I really don’t know about this.)

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Moodboard 2: The War On Fat

I’m declaring war on anyone who tries to give me crappy food or alcohol for the next few weeks. I mean, despite what I demonstrate 90% of the time, I do have willpower … but not when it comes at me from all angles, every single day. From meetings to celebrations to just escaping the heat, I can’t go anywhere without people shoving food in my face, and it’s too hot for me to work it off with two hours at the Y.

Y’all has pushed me to the limit. I will be saying no, with violence if necessary.

Do I want dessert?

What about Happy Hour?

Another lunch meeting?

Oooh, who brought kolaches to our brainstorming session?

So, it’s your birthday?

Bachelorette party?

Bridal shower?

Oh, the frat boys are in town?

You bought how much ice cream at the store?

You baked this just for me?

What am I doing  Saturday night?

Seriously, guys. Until it’s cool enough for me to rock 8 mile runs again, this nonstop food and booze wave is my enemy, and most likely so are you.


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