July Plus: Minus

I have a few different ways to add a minus to July.

I’m still a little concerned about that bridesmaid dress that I ordered in a size too small, so the first involves my BodyBugg. Usually I aim for a calorie deficit (the difference of calories I burn vs. calories I eat) of 750, but this month I’m going for 1,000.  Usually I hit 1,000 about 10 times a month. It would be impossible for me to hit 1,000 every day and still have a life, so I’m aiming f0r 20 days. (You do realize that in order to do this, I’ll probably have to run 100 miles again? I hope so; that was fun!)

The second is speed. I usually focus on how long I can run, now I’m going to see how fast I can do it. Today I ran 6 miles in 65 minutes; let’s see if I can run comfortably at 6.0 by the end of the month!

The third was going to be kicking my debt’s ass, but with upcoming oral surgery, a biopsy, and four weddings (one that I’m in, one where Justin is Best Man), I can’t do that any more. However, I can attempt to at least break even, and that involves the same method I had before – a budget! A strict one.

All of this means I won’t be much fun this month, but it’s totally gross outside as usual–I’m always lame in July.


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