Elvis, Eddie and Erin T. Fainting

Last night Justin and I went to Elvis Costello! It was fantastic! He brought along his Spectacular Spinning Songbook; audience members got to go onstage and spin the wheel to see what he would play. (They could even dance in the go-go cage if they wanted!)

The best part, however, was when he started covering “Substitute” and out of nowhere, Eddie Vedder joined him! (Erin T., I thought of you.) He was in town on his ukulele tour and rushed over from The Fabulous Fox during his opening act. I only had my crappy phone, but YouTube user SuperJCS2009 posted an awesome video of it:

Afterward, Eddie spun the wheel. It landed on “Pump It Up” and the crowd went crazy.

It was one of the best shows I’ll ever see. Elvis played for THREE HOURS! No opening act! You can’t tell from the video but the backdrop was a giant TV; the whole setup was so fun. He walked through the pit a few times and sweated on my friends Kim and Nancy Jane!

Justin was beaming the entire time, so I think my present was a success! We ate at Thai Country Cafe before the show and walked all the way down to see the installed-that-morning Chuck Berry statue. Hooray for Date Night!

The party continued this morning when I heard a drum circle outside my window at about 9 am. I looked out my window and saw an Indian wedding procession! (I live next to two reception halls, but usually I only see gawking guests and puking groomsmen late at night.) They were dancing and drumming and so happy and it totally made my day. Oh, and they were nice enough to have a dance party in between the trees for like 20 minutes so I could see them!

I’m supposed to go to two parties tonight, but we’ll see. I have a BBQ tomorrow and fireworks Monday, and I really only have time/energy for one. Oh, and today I finished Friday Night Lights! I highly recommend it (and you know how much I hate football. Trust me. So good). Up next: the latest Dr. Who! I love only watching TV one show at a time.



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2 responses to “Elvis, Eddie and Erin T. Fainting

  1. ohmigod!!! That sounds like the most fun thing ever! Love the wheel idea…

  2. Erin T.

    So jealous. Why wasn’t “leave my wife and kids for Erin” an option on that wheel? Hope you enjoyed the show!

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