Adventure! Romance! FOOD!

Justin’s film premieres tonight at the Tivoli! It’s at 9:30, though his will play toward the end and we’ll have a giant screening party when he finishes the longer version, so don’t worry if you can’t make it. (I think he finds the $12 ticket price a little embarrassing.)

His mom’s side is in town this weekend and his dad is coming later today, which means we have or will be hitting up every single cool restaurant/bar in my neighborhood this weekend. Rooster, Crown Candy, Blueberry Hill, Rosalita’s, Broadway Oyster Bar, Soulard Market, etc. They were even spoiled rotten by now-famous Dustin at Sub Zero.

We went to Lola for the first time for our anniversary and it was delicious. We also have the Closing Night Awards Party this week, then we’re going away next weekend for a belated anniversary trip. And did I mention last week was our traditional BLT Week featuring giant Indiana tomatoes and corn on the cob?

I’ve run 11 miles this weekend, but still. I am. So fat.

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