License to Snooze

Still working 12 hour days and sleeping 4 hour nights, which leads to a boring life and incoherent writing. SOOO not much to tell you, except that Questlove walked by me at the Chase Park Plaza. HOWEVER! Justin finally got a car. And I got insanely jealous, because it’s a 2012 Honda Fit!

He hasn’t formally announced the new addition to our family on Facebook yet, so don’t tell him I told you. But look how cute:

It wasn’t intentional (the tsunami means Fits are hard to come by, so you take whatever color you can find) but now we both have silver Hondas. We also found out yesterday that we have the same oral surgeon. We’re starting to annoy ourselves.

Someday I’ll have a life again and can write about things besides my boyfriend. And someday I will get my own dream car–the Grand Wagoner that I pass every day on my way to the general store. I am obsessed with this thing.


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