Since I live next door to the City Museum, I was extra sad to hear that Bob Cassilly died yesterday. When I open the garage door in the morning, MonstroCity is hovering over me, giving me an extra dose of inspiration as I head to the office to be creative for 8 hours. Every day, I drive through that huge concrete snake fence and appreciate its coolness (though, it is a bitch to see around, and wedding parties like to pose in front of it and block my car). I get to see the crowd that it draws to the city, which helped fuel the downtown revival that has made my street so amazing. Where else could I wave at people on a Ferris wheel from my roof? On beautiful days when I can open the windows, my loft is full of the sound of kids laughing and and playing.  And when there’s live music outside at the City Museum? There’s free live music in my room!

All of that, along with so many beautiful touches all over the city, is because of Bob. He had such an amazing mind and amazing talent–please read this if you don’t know who he is. St. Louis has lost one of our greatest. RIP.

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