Look At These Drunk Hoosiers Doing The Bernie

Justin’s “little” brother did The Bernie on the news. I say “little” because he’s the 9-ft. guy in the blue shirt at :51.

Honestly, this video is full of a million priceless drunk moments (:20, :29, :40, 1:10. 1:18). If someone gets me a GIF of his friends at :53-:54, I will be forever grateful.

I asked him if this was a student news station, and he said that because his dad’s town gets all the Indianapolis channels, they only have one local channel and no one really watches it even though it’s clearly amazing.

At the risk of sounding like my East Coast ex, when I visit small-town Indiana, I’m pretty amazed that Justin is from there. How did he get so effortlessly cool and adorable? Where did his love of film and aesthetic come from? Usually, the only Hoosier attributes he exhibits are broad shoulders, saying “cheese toasties” and acting as smiley and sweet as Leslie Knope.

I should also note that Justin’s brother has been on the news before: his senior year of high school, when he pulled a Corey Delaney and threw the biggest party the town has ever seen. I love that kid.


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4 responses to “Look At These Drunk Hoosiers Doing The Bernie

  1. “cheese toasties” made my week.

    …except I don’t, um, know what cheese toasties are.

  2. Bill Stevens

    Found a site dedicated to receiving doing the bernie stuff pretty funny!!

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