I See Red People

Well, this happened:

Want to know what it’s like living on the craziest street in downtown St. Louis on the night the Cardinals win the World Series? Well, here’s a nice relaxing stroll down my street over an hour after the win:

I was going to write some big long entry worthy of such an epic win, but guess what? My street was up honking and screaming until 4am. And remember that legendary Game 6 the night before? Honking til 3 on a Thursday. That lack of sleep, combined with standing in the cold for hours and high-fiving one million strangers equals a mother of a sinus infection. Justin and I are laying on the couch as I type this, coughing and groaning and whimpering.

So here’s some pictures in a lazy slideshow. Keep an eye out for some pictures of our street–after I shot that video, the police closed off the street and firetrucks showed up “just in case”. I also threw in some pictures from Game 1, where we sipped tumblers full of wine, and hung out with like 12 people on the corner outside the stadium (as opposed to the 20,000 you will see below):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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