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Out of Order

Life has been pretty lazy and miserable for the Tollivweirs this week. Our sinus infections turned into crazy poofy allergy eyes. Justin’s eyes are almost healed, but I still have to ice down my eyes with two beer cans for a half hour every morning before I’m even remotely presentable. (This is how sick we’ve been–we’ve had a 12-pack of beer sitting in the fridge for 10 days, untouched.)

I have an appointment with my allergist today, but I’m telling you right now: if this is some belated reaction to the cat, then this is how I’m going to look for the next 10 years because there’s no way in hell we’d get rid of him. The same thing happened to me two years ago, though, and it just randomly went away, so I’m hoping the same thing happens now. (I have no idea of the exact dates or how long it lasted, so if any of you have stalked this blog to the point where you remember an entry about it, I’ll give you a Free Creepy Pass. Please share.)

Update: Not the cat! It’s just–get ready for a boner–my sinuses draining. *wink*

Even Better: I was so happy about this that I hugged Chauncey forever and got hives in my cheek.

The one great thing about this ordeal is that Justin couldn’t wear his contacts, so we had to go get him an actual pair of glasses. And while I was there, I fell in love with these tortoiseshell frames:

I’ve needed glasses for a while now; I’ve become a bit near-sighted, to the point where I can barely read street signs and power-point presentations. So I’ve scheduled an eye exam for this week; cross your fingers that the frames are still there! Yes, I know that Polo is a men’s brand–women’s glasses usually have some huge ugly/shiny logo on the side. Yes, they are borderine hipster, but tortoiseshell is my favorite thing in the world and you would not believe how adorable I look in these things. Bonus: they sort of mask my allergy poof.

Other stuff:

  • I love my TOMS so much that I’ve already bought another pair. They only look like elf shoes when I wear them with my fat pants, which I like because it gives me the incentive to stay out of my fat pants.
  • The sinus infection appeared two weeks into my 100 Miles 3 Weeks goal, so I had to abandon it. I’ll attempt this one more time, probably in January. I did, however, win another t-shirt at the Y (my third!) for running over 75 miles in 5 weeks.
  • The featured Netflix Marathon of the Month is Felicity. I’m halfway through Season 2 and completely obsessed.
  • Jersey Boys entry will still be written, someday. I swear.
  • The other day I hung out with some friends from high school that I haven’t seen in years–one in almost a decade. The four of us have all been through a rough ordeal in the past few years–a bad divorce, a custody battle, a very premature (but now healthy) baby and taking care of a terminally-ill parent. So being together, even for a few hours, was the most therapeutic thing I’ve done in a very long time. I hope we get to do it again soon, once these poofy eyes go away.
  • The Sunday after Fall Daylight Savings is the best night of the year for someone with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. I’m as fresh as a daisy today (or rather, a well-rested daisy that’s been punched in both eyes).
  • Radiohead is coming to St. Louis! I’m thinking about surprising Justin with tickets for his birthday. My friends always go to these cool shows and never invite me, so this time I’m being proactive and taking my own damn self.
  • If Justin can get off work for Thanksgiving Weekend–and that’s a huge if–then one of our Thanksgiving dinners will be spent eating a genuine Amish meal made by actual Amish people in an actual Amish person’s home. This is a dream realized. Cross your fingers and braid your beards that this actually happens. The other dinner will unfortunately involve a post-turkey game of dodgeball (again).


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